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George O'Brien

What do you know about George O'Brien?
Enjoy this FUN Celebrity Trivia quiz.
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George O'Brien1. In 1924, he was chosen by a famous director to play the youthful leading man in the epic Western, The Iron Horse.  The movie's success brought O'Brien overnight stardom.
Who is this famous director?

  • Howard Hawks
  • Raoul Walsh
  • John Ford

2. He is the son of Daniel O'Brien.
His father held an important position, what was it?

  • Governor of California
  • Mayor of San Francisco
  • San Francisco police chief

3. In 1931, he plays the lead, Jim Lassiter in the Riders of the Purple Sage. The movie is based on this author's novel.
Who is the author?

  • Max Brand
  • Red Ryder
  • Zane Grey

4. He served in which branch of the military in World War One, World War Two, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War?

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force

5. In the 1948, George O'Brien stars as the commanding officer of Fort Stark.
What does O'Brien's play?

  • Captain Nathan Britles
  • Major Mac Allshard
  • Major John Dundee

6. In the 1938 The Renegade Ranger O'Brien's leading lady would become one of Hollywood's leading female stars.
Who is this leading lady?

  • Rita Hayworth
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Claire Trevor

7. Throughout the 1930s, O'Brien was a consistent Top Ten box-office draw appearing in scores of Westerns, often atop his horse named Wayne.

  • True or False

8. O'Brien married on July 15, 1933 and the couple had a son, Darcy O'Brien in 1939 who would become a successful writer and a daughter, Orin O'Brien who would become a double bassist with the New York Philharmonic. A third child, Brian, died in infancy. The couple divorced in 1948.
Who was his actress wife?

  • Marguerite Churchill
  • Janet Gaynor
  • Margaret Mitchell

9. While serving in the Naval Reserve, O'Brien took on a project for the Department of Defense as part of President Eisenhower's People to People program.  He was project officer for a series of orientation films on three Asian countries.  One of these films, on Korea, was directed by his old friend, John Ford.  The other two countries covered were Formosa (Taiwan) and the Philippines.

  • True or False?

10. In 1964, he played Major Braden.
What is the movie?

  • Cheyenne Autumn
  • My Wild Irish Rose
  • Trouble in Sundown

11. Where is George O'Brien buried?

  • Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, Massachusetts
  • Spencer Estate Grounds, Great Brington, Northampton, England
  • Buried at sea
Check Your Answers
More Trivia

George O'Brien

  1. John Ford
  2. San Francisco police chief
  3. Zane Grey
  4. Navy
  5. Major Mac Allshard
  6. Rita Hayworth
  7. False. The horse's name was Mike.
  8. Marguerite Churchill
  9. True
  10. Cheyenne Autumn
  11. Buried at sea
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