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Tom Keene

Born: December 30, 1896, Rochester, New York
Died: August 4, 1963 (age 66), Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California

What do you know about Tom Keene
Lights, camera, and action this Alan's FUN Celebrity Trivia quiz. 
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Film and TV Westerns1. In 1931, Tom Keene began a 12 series Westerns for RKO-Pathe.
What was the movie's title?

  • Sundown Trail
  • Sunrise Trail
  • The Texas Ranger

2. In this 1936 Paramount release, Tom plays Jim Travis. Tom character is a veteran wrangler who helps an Eastern rancher save his ranch. The movie is an adaptation of Zane Grey novel.
What is the movie?

  • Code of the Range
  • Desert Gold
  • Drift Fence

3. In this 1938 film, Tom Gray aka The Pecos Kid, plays an undercover agent looking for smugglers along the Mexican border. The movie's climax is the shootout across the Mexican border.
What is this 1938 release's name?

  • Outlaws of Sonora
  • The Painted Desert
  • The Painted Trail

4. Which is NOT a name used by Tom Keene?

  • George Duryea
  • Richard Powers
  • Jess Bowers

5. What was his first film in 1923?

  • The Just a Little Late Club
  • Radio Kisses
  • Beau Bandit

6. What is the 1931 film that Tom Keene plays Robert 'Buck' Sawyer?

  • Partners
  • Sundown Trail
  • In Old California

7. He plays Frank Madden (as Richard Powers) in the 1944 Lights of Old Santa Fe.
Who is the star of the film?

  • Tex Ritter
  • Johnny Mack Brown
  • Roy Rogers

8. Once the honorary mayor of Sherman Oaks, California (1939).

  • True or False?

9. On May 13, 1952 (Season 1, Episode 5), Tom is in the episode Jim Bell's Triumph.
What is the TV series?

  • I Spy
  • Sky King
  • Howdy Doody

10. Where is Tom Keene buried?

  • Forest Lawn (Hollywood Hills) Cemetery, Los Angeles, California
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, California
  • Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, New York
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Tom Keene

  1. Sundown Trail
  2. Drift Fence
  3. The Painted Trail
  4. Jess Bowers
  5. The Just a Little Late Club
  6. Sundown Trail
  7. Roy Rogers
  8. True
  9. Sky King
  10. Angels on your pillowForest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, California
    Plot: Garden Of Memory
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