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James Brown

James Joseph Brown, Jr. "God Father of Soul", commonly referred to as "The Godfather of Soul", "Mr. Dynamite", the "King of Funk", "Soul Brother #1" and "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business", was an American entertainer (singer and dancer). 

What do you know about James Brown
Enjoy this Alan's FUN Music Trivia Quiz
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

James Brown1) James Brown was born in Barnwell, South Carolina on May 3, 1933 to Susie Brown and Joseph ("Joe") Gardner (who changed his surname to Brown after Mattie Brown who raised him). Although Brown was to be named after his father Joseph, his first and middle names were mistakenly reversed on his birth certificate. He therefore became James Joseph Brown, Jr.

  • True or False?

2) Brown managed to stay in school until he dropped out. 
What grade was he in?

  1. Seventh grade
  2. Tenth grade
  3. Senior year

3) At the age of sixteen, he was convicted of armed robbery and sent to a juvenile detention center upstate in Toccoa in 1948.

  • True or False?

4) While Brown was in reform school, who did he became acquainted with?

  1. Bobby Byrd
  2. Marvin Jones
  3. Barbara Mansfield

5) Brown joined Bobby Byrd's vocal group, the Avons, and Byrd turned the group's sound towards secular rhythm and blues. After the group's name was changed to The Flames. The group eventually signed a deal with the Cincinnati, Ohio-based label Federal Records, a sister label of King Records. Their first single hit #5 on the R&B chart.
What was the song?

  1. "Come Back Little Suzie"
  2. "Take Me to Heaven"
  3. "Please, Please, Please"

6) Brown's group returned to the charts to stay in 1958 with the #1 R&B hit.
What was the song?

  1. "Try Me"
  2. "Tonight Again"
  3. "Swinging Tonight"

7) The group's billing was changed to James Brown and The Famous Flames. "The Famous Flames" was the backing band, not a vocal group.

  • True or False?

8) Brown recorded the 1960 Top Ten R&B hit "(Do the) Mashed Potatoes" on Dade Records, owned by Henry Stone.
What name did he use?

  1. Nat Kendrick & The Swans
  2. Billy Idol and the Swingers
  3. Mansfield's Rangers

9) Brown recorded a hit version of a ballad "Prisoner of Love", (his first Top 20 pop hit).  The song was a #1 hit in 1946.
Who had the 1946 hit?

  1. Bobby Brown
  2. Bing Crosby
  3. Perry Como

10) On December 25, 2006, Brown died from congestive heart failure resulting from complications of pneumonia, with his agent Frank Copsidas and his friend Charles Bobbit at his bedside.

  • True or False?

11) Where is he buried?

  1. Thomas Family Home Crypt, Beech Island, South Carolina (Temporary burial site)
  2. Augusta Memorial Gardens, Augusta, Georgia
  3. Brown Memorial Gardens, North August, South Carolina
More Trivia

James Brown

1) True  2) A.  3) True  4) A.  5) C.  6 A.  7) False. The group's billing was changed to James Brown and The Famous Flames. "The Famous Flames" was a vocal group, not a backing band contrary to popular belief.
8) A.  9) C.  10) True  11) A.Angels on your pillow

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