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Submarine and Hoagie Sandwich E-Z Quizzes

What do you know about the Submarine and Hoagie Sandwich
Try this Food & Drink FUN Trivia E-Z Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 20 points!

1) What is NOT another name of the Submarine Sandwich?FUN Trivia Quizzes powered by ABE

  1. Hero sandwich

  2. Marine

  3. Italian Sandwich

  4. Hoagie

2) The sandwich originated in several different Italian American communities in the Northeastern United States from the late 19th to mid 20th centuries.
What city claims to be the birthplace of the "Italian sandwich" and it is considered the stateís signature sandwich.

  1. Manchester, New Hampshire

  2. Springfield, Massachusetts

  3. Portland, Maine

  4. New Haven, Connecticut

3) One theory is that it originated in a restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts at the beginning of World War I. The sandwich was created to entice the large numbers of navy servicemen stationed at the Charlestown Navy Yard. The bread was a smaller, specially baked baguette intended to resemble the hull of the submarines it was named after.
What was the restaurantís location?

  1. Mannington Hill

  2. Knotts Landing

  3. Bunker Hill

  4. Scollay Square

4) Another theory suggests the submarine was brought to the US by an Italian immigrant who came to New York in the early 1900s. He is said to have named it after seeing the recovered 1901 submarine called Fenian Ram in the Paterson Museum of New Jersey in 1918.
Who was the Italian immigrant?

  1. Dominic Conti

  2. Dominic Guinto

  3. Giada De Laurentiis

  4. Giuseppe Argiro

5) The term hoagie originated in the Philadelphia area.

  • True or False?

6) "Hero" remains the prevailing term for most sandwiches on an oblong roll with a generally Italian flavor.
What city?

  1. Boston

  2. New York City

  3. Baltimore

  4. Providence

7) What was the sandwich named as Italian-American slang for a dock worker in New England?

  1. Crusher

  2. Pounder

  3. Grinder

  4. Mortar

8) What is the name of the sandwich in New England, roll filled with fried steak, onion, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, hot peppers?

  1. King steak

  2. Mc Steak

  3. Delicious steak

  4. Steak bomb

9) What is the sandwich using ham and provolone cheese, baked from North Central Pennsylvania, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania in the 50's and 60's

  1. Barb Mills

  2. Rod White

  3. Bruce Baker

  4. Mandy Snow

10) A standard Zep contains only cooked salami and provolone as the meat and cheese, and includes no lettuce.

  • True or False?

Submarine and Hoagie Sandwich

1) B. 2) C. 3) D. 4) A. 5) True 6) B. 7) C. 8) D. 9) A. 10) True

Score for this page: _______

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