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Turkeys Traditional Main Course of Large Feasts

Domestic Turkey - Alan's FUN Trivia Quizzes powered by ABETurkeys are traditionally eaten as the main course of large feasts at Christmas in much of the world, as well as Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada, though this tradition has its origins in modern times, rather than colonial as is often supposed.

What do you know about Turkeys but was afraid to ask?

1. Before the 20th century, what was the most commonly consumed food on the holiday?

2. In the United Kingdom and Europe, what was the traditional meat for Christmas?

3. What is traditional way to serve turkey on Boxing Day in Canada?

4. Do wild turkeys, while technically the same species as domesticated turkeys, have a very different taste from farm-raised turkeys?

Who campaigned against the "turkey twizzlers" in the United Kingdom?


1. Before the 20th century, pork ribs were the most commonly consumed food on the holiday, as the animals were usually slaughtered in November. Turkeys were once so abundant in the wild that they were eaten throughout the year, the food considered commonplace, whereas pork ribs were rarely available outside of the Thanksgiving-New Year holiday season.

2. It has also displaced, to a certain extent, the traditional Christmas roast goose or beef of the United Kingdom and Europe. While eating turkey was once mainly restricted to special occasions such as these, turkey is now eaten year-round and forms a regular part of many diets.

3. Without careful preparation, cooked turkey is usually considered to end up less moist than other poultry meats such as chicken or duck. Leftovers from roast turkey are generally served as cold cuts on Boxing Day in Canada.

4. Wild turkeys, while technically the same species as domesticated turkeys, have a very different taste from farm-raised turkeys. Almost all of the meat is "dark" (even the breast) with a more intense flavor. The flavor can also vary seasonally with changes in available forage, often leaving wild turkey meat with a more significant game flavor in late summer due to the greater number of insects in the diet over the preceding months. Wild turkey that has fed predominantly on grass and grain has a far milder flavor. Older heritage breeds also differ in flavor.

5. Turkey is often found as a processed meat. It can be smoked and as such is sometimes sold as turkey ham. Twisted helices of deep fried turkey meat sold as "turkey twizzlers" came to prominence in the UK in 2004 when chef Jamie Oliver campaigned to have them and similar foods removed from school dinners.

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