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Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

A&P - Trivia powered by ABEThe Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, better known as A&P, is a 447-store supermarket chain with locations in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia under several banners. Its corporate and U.S. headquarters are located in Montvale, New Jersey. 

Supermarket News ranked A&P No. 21 in the 2007 "Top 75 North American Food Retailers" based on 2006 fiscal year estimated sales of $6.9 billion. Based on 2005 revenue, A&P is the 35th largest retailer in the United States. It was once the dominant food retailer in the nation.

What do you know about A&P grocery stores? Stop in a take this short quiz.

1. What was the original name of the company in 1859 by George Huntington Hartford and George Gilman in New York City?

2. When was it renamed "The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company"?

1870, and George and John A. Hartford, founder Hartford's sons, joined the company in the 1880s.

3. The company originally focused on the tea business, selling tea by mail order from a storefront in Lower Manhattan. They were successful in capturing a large part of the market in the northeastern cities in the U.S. They purchased tea directly from Chinese tea plantations. Their low costs enabled them to undercut most of the market and grow. By 1876, how many stores did they have?

4. 1912, the first A&P Economy Store opened, a grocery store format that allowed cost-cutting and standardized layout, increasing their store numbers to 1600 by 1915. By 1925 they had 13,961 stores and sales of $437 million. In the early 1930s, A&P was operating approximately 16,000 stores with a combined revenue of US$1 billion. In 1936 where did the A&P opened their first supermarket?

5. In the mid 1950s, A&P was by far the number one food retailer. In a few markets, A&P had up to 75% of the market share. The company had stores in over 39 states. True or False?

6. In the mid 1960s, A&P exited the west coast selling those stores. Who did they sell the stores to?

7. The company stayed active in the Mid Atlantic region including the New York City Metro area. The chain closed well over half of its stores between 1976 and 1981. Who purchased the company in 1979?

8. In December 2007, what grocery chain did A&P purchase?

9. A publication was launched by A&P in 1937. Originally sold exclusively at A&P stores, it was purchased by an independent publisher in the mid-1950s, and no longer has any connection to the supermarket chain. What was the publication?

10. For many decades, the A&P supermarkets pioneered in the use of store brands.  Eight O'Clock, Red Circle, and Bokar coffees, Our Own tea, Ann Page and Jane Parker foods were almost as notable to regular shoppers as the outside retail brands the store carried.  A&P replaced the Ann Page and Jane Parker labels. What are the labels known as today?


1. The Great American Tea Company

2. 1870

3. 67 stores

4. Braddock, Pennsylvania

5. True

6. Safeway, which was the number 2 food retailer at the time.

7. German retailer Erivan Haub, owner of Tengelmann

8. Pathmark

9. Woman's Day

10. America's Choice and Master Choice in-house brands

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