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Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is a soft drink, marketed in North America, South America and Europe by Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

Who do you know about Dr Pepper? Sip this delightful quick quiz.

Dr Pepper Food Quiz powered by ABE1. It was invented by Charles Alderton. Who did he give the recipe to?

2. In 1904, where was Dr Pepper introduced nationally in the United States?

3. Where is the Dr Pepper Museum located?

4. Much of the soft drink industry in the United States stopped using sugar in the 1980s, in response to a series of price supports and import quotas introduced beginning in 1982 that increased the price of sugar above the global market price. As a result, most U.S. soft drinks, including Dr Pepper, now use high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar. Who was a bottler that did not covert to high fructose corn syrup?

5. Between 1889 to 1914, what was Dr Pepper's slogan?

6. During World War II, a syndicated radio program, The 10-2-4 Ranch (later titled 10-2-4 Time), aired in the South and other areas where Dr Pepper was distributed. Who did the show feature?

7. Who was perhaps the most familiar face of these "I'm a Pepper" commercials?

8. In 1978, who wrote the lyrics to "Be a Pepper" along with Jake Holmes and Randy Newman?

9. Dr Pepper was a favorite beverage of a famous rock artist. Bottles can be seen in the film Let It Be and his original Imagine film. Who is the rock artist?

10. Between 1877 to 1985, what was Dr Pepper's slogan?



1. Wade Morrison for his soda fountain at his Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas.

2. Louisiana Purchase Exposition as a new kind of cola, made with 23 flavors.

3. The Dr Pepper Museum is located in the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company building in downtown Waco, and opened to the public in 1991. The Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company building was the first building to be built specifically to bottle Dr Pepper. The building was completed in 1906 and Dr Pepper was bottled there until the 1960s. The museum has three floors of exhibits, a working old-fashioned soda fountain, and a gift store full of Dr Pepper memorabilia.

4. A handful of U.S. bottling plants still use sugar to sweeten Dr Pepper. Perhaps best known is the Dr Pepper bottling plant in Dublin, Texas, the product of which is known as Dublin Dr Pepper. In the 1980s, plant owner W.P. "Bill" Kloster (June 7, 1918 - September 27, 1999) refused to convert the plant to high fructose corn syrup. Since 2003, Dublin Dr Pepper has expanded its distribution to most of Texas and the Internet. Other bottlers still using sugar include Temple Bottling Company, in Temple, Texas, Ab-Tex in Abilene, and West Jefferson Dr Pepper (WJDP) of West Jefferson, NC.

5. "King of Beverages"

6. Dick Foran and the Sons of the Pioneers

7. David Naughton

8. Barry Manilow

9. John Lennon

10. "I'm a Pepper, He's a Pepper, We're a Pepper.", "Be a Pepper.", "Wouldn't you like to Be a Pepper too?"

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