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Bread Recipes

Bread is a staple food prepared by cooking a dough of flour and water and possibly more ingredients.  Doughs are usually baked in the Western world (and many other countries), but in some cuisines breads are steamed, fried, or baked on a hot skillet. 

It may be leavened or unleavened.  Salt, fat and leavening agents such as yeast and baking soda are common ingredients, though bread may contain other ingredients, such as milk, egg, sugar, spice, fruit (such as raisins), vegetables (such as onion), nuts (such as walnuts) or seeds (such as poppy seeds). 

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods, dating back to the Neolithic era.  The development of leavened bread can probably also be traced to prehistoric times.

Bread Recipes:

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