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List of soft drinks in the United States

  • Soft drinks displayed on supermarket shelves180 (an energy drink produced by Anheuser-Busch)

  • 7Up (licensed by Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Ale-8-One (a ginger-and-fruit drink distributed mostly in Kentucky)

  • A. J. Canfield's

  • Amp Energy (an energy drink from PepsiCo)

  • Aquafina (bottled water distributed by PepsiCo)

  • Arizona (mostly iced teas, marketed in distinctive tall, 23-oz. cans)

  • A-Treat

  • A&W Root Beer and A&W cream soda (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7 Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Bawls

  • Barq's (the only major American root beer with caffeine).

  • Big K (line of soft drinks - Sold at Kroger family of stores).

  • Big Red

  • Blenheim Ginger Ale (a particularly strong ginger ale, bottled by Blenheim Bottlers)

  • Boylan Bottling Company (a variety of sodas such as Birch beer and Root beer).
    Bubble Up (lemon-lime soda, similar to 7Up, produced by The Monarch Beverage Company)

  • Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale (a dark-colored ginger ale produced by Buffalo Rock Company - mainly distributed in the southeastern states)

  • C & C Cola (a cola brand distributed as a regular grocery item rather than stocked by the bottling company's local drivers)

  • Cactus Cooler (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Cheerwine (cherry flavored drink - mainly North Carolina and Virginia)

  • Chek (line of soft drinks - affiliated with Winn-Dixie)

  • Chucker (discontinued line of flavored soda formerly made in Connellsville, Pennsylvania)

  • Coca-Cola (the largest beverage company in the world, founded in 1886)

  • Country Time (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Crush (Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc.)

  • Dad's Root Beer (The Monarch Beverage Company, Atlanta, GA)

  • Delaware Punch (grape-flavored, non-carbonated, limited availability)

  • Diet Rite (diet cola licensed by Dr Pepper/7Up's R.C. unit to local bottlers)

  • dnL (caffeinated lemon-lime soda similar to Mountain Dew, from Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc.)

  • Double Cola (regional cola brand based in Chattanooga, Tennessee)

  • Dr. Brown's (A popular brand of root beer and cream soda in the New York City region)

  • Dr Enuf (vitamin-fortified lemon-lime drink available in northeast Tennessee, parts of Florida, and possibly elsewhere)

  • Dr Pepper (large international beverage company, founded in 1885)

  • Egg cream (type of fountain drink that originated in Brooklyn)

  • Fanta (multi-flavored fruit sodas)

  • Faygo (line of soft drinks)

  • Fitz's (root beer and other classic sodas bottled in a microbrewery/restaurant in St. Louis, MO, distributed to certain grocery stores around the country)

  • Fresca (grapefruit soda marketed by the Coca-Cola Company)

  • Frostie (root beer, cream, and fruit-flavored sodas)

  • Frostop (root beer and cream soda)

  • Guarana Brazilia (guarana based soda made in New Jersey by Crystal Beverage Corp.)

  • Grapico (Grape soft drink primarily available in Alabama)

  • Gray's (line of soft drinks)

  • Green River

  • Hawaiian Punch (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Hires Root Beer (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Hyvee (only marketed in the midwest)

  • Iron Beer (Formerly the National Beverage of Cuba, this beverage is consumed mainly by Cubans in Miami, and has been around since 1917. A rare product to find, No longer produced in Cuba, only found in Miami,Florida and the South Florida Metropolitan Area.)

  • Izze (natural flavored fruit drinks, multiple flavors)

  • Jolly Good (numerous flavors including cola, lemon lime, orange, grape, pina colada, black cherry etc.)

  • Jolt Cola (made with double caffeine, hence the "jolt" name)

  • Jones Soda (made with pure cane sugar and known for odd flavors including "candy corn" for Halloween and "turkey and dressing" for Thanksgiving)

  • Josta First US Energy Drink, aka Josta with Guarana

  • Loganberry (dark purple, non-carbonated, berry-flavored drink with no juice content and most commonly available under the Crystal Beach and Aunt Rosie's brand names; available in and around Buffalo, NY)

  • Manhattan Special (espresso soda)

  • Minute Maid (soft drink only) (licensed by The Coca-Cola Company)

  • Mello Yello (lemon-lime, similar to Mountain Dew) (The Coca-Cola Company)

  • Mountain Dew (licensed by PepsiCo)

  • Moxie (the first American mass-produced soft drink, primarily available in New England and Pennsylvania)

  • Mug Root Beer (licensed by PepsiCo)

  • Nehi (Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc.)

  • OK Soda (a discontinued test drink from The Coca-Cola Company with a small cult following)

  • Old Town (line of soft drinks)

  • Orange Whip (defunct fountain beverage)

  • Orbitz

  • Patriot's Choice (Cola)

  • Pepsi (licensed by PepsiCo)

  • Pibb Xtra (formerly known as Mr. Pibb) (Coca-Cola Company)

  • Point Premium Root Beer (Sold primarily in Wisconsin) (Stevens Point Brewery)

  • Polar (Line of softdrinks primarily sold in New England)

  • R.C. Cola (Cola) (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7 Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Red Rock Cola

  • RESQ powerdrink

  • Refresco Goya (Goya Foods line of soft drinks for the US Hispanic market)

  • Route 66 Sodas, LLC (produces a variety including Route 66 Route Beer, Orange, Lime and Cream Soda).

  • Safeway Select (Safeway brand drink)

  • Sam's Choice (Wal-Mart brand drink)

  • Sarsaparilla soda (Traditional soft drink)

  • Schweppes Ginger Ale (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Shasta (Cola)

  • Sierra Mist (lemon-lime, similar to 7Up and Sprite) (PepsiCo)

  • Ski (made by Double-Cola co. Mainly in western Ky. similar to Mountain Dew.)

  • Slice (orange soft drink) (PepsiCo)

  • Sour Power (sold only on tap in bars primarily for mixing cocktails) (Coca-Cola Company)

  • Sprecher Brewery (traditional beverages)

  • Sprite

  • Squirt (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Stewart's Fountain Classics

  • Sun Drop (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Sunkist (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Sunny Select ( sold at Save Mart Supermarkets/Lucky (No. Cal)/Food Maxx/Food Source)

  • SunnyD (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • Tab (licensed by The Coca-Cola Company)

  • Teem Soda

  • Towne Club (defunct Detroit-based line of inexpensive soft drinks once sold in franchise stores)

  • Vault (licensed by The Coca-Cola Company)

  • Vess (a line of soft drinks primarily available in the Greater St. Louis area)

  • Vernors Ginger Ale (the first American soft drink, licensed by Dr Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers, primarily available in Michigan)

  • Welch's (licensed by Dr. Pepper/7Up, Inc. to local bottlers)

  • White Rock (traditional beverages)

  • WPOP (Wegmans Brand90 traditional beverages)


  • zink pop (licensed by Doc Martin) cherry mixed w/ lime soft drink, noncarbonated

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