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Baking Pan Tips

Angel Food Cake Pan or Tube PanDessert  Recipes from
A baking pan, usually round, with high sides (about 3 inches) a center tube and often a removable bottom. It's used to make angel food, chiffon, and pound cakes, as well as special breads.

Bundt Cake Pan
A baking pan with a center tube and curved, fluted sides used for baking cakes and quick breads. Most often available in a 12-cup size, miniature sizes can also be found.

Baking Dishes
These dishes are made of heat-resistant glass and are usually round, square or rectangular. Used for baking cakes and other desserts, they're also perfect for lasagna and other main dishes.

Jelly Roll Pan
A rectangular baking sheet with 1-inch-deep sides. Used for baking thin cakes. The most popular size used for recipes and cake mixes is 10x15 inches. Larger sizes are available.

Popover Pan
A black metal pan with deep cups specifically designed for baking popovers.

Soufflé Dish
A round, open dish with a high side and smooth interior specially designed for baking soufflés.

Springform Pan
A round, deep pan with a removable side. Specially designed for making cheesecakes and other desserts that cannot be turned upside down to remove them from the pan.

Tart Pan
A baking pan with low fluted sides, about 1 inch, that's used for pastry with a sweet or savory filling. Most are round, but they're also available in squares and long rectangles. Sizes range from 4 inches (may be called a tartlet pan) to 13 inches.

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