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Fudge Making Tips

  1. Pick a day when the weather is cool and dry.Fudge Recipes from

  2. Don't double, triple or make other multiples of a fudge recipe at one time.  This will affect the cooking and cooling rate, and may cause recipe failure.

  3. Don't substitute ingredients.  Fudge making is very exact, and substitutions may result in poor performance.

  4. Use only regular butter or margarine (80% fat) in sticks. Using diet, soft, light, or vegetable oil spread products can cause recipe failure since these products contain additional moisture or different fats.

  5. Use an accurate candy thermometer and follow recipe directions closely. Test your candy thermometer by placing it in a pan of boiling water. An accurate thermometer will register 212 F. at sea level. Add or subtract degrees from cooking temperatures in recipes according to the thermometer reading. If you live at higher altitudes, check with a county extension agent to determine when water should boil in your area. Do not allow bottom of thermometer to touch bottom of pan.

  6. Homemade fudge make great gifts for the holidays or a nice thank-you for something special that someone did.  Colorful fudge or nut cups may be purchased at candy supply or specialty food stores to add a festive look to your candies. Try mixing several different fudge recipes in a decorative tin or box. Include a hand-written copy of the recipe, and you will have a gift that no one will want to return

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