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Cookie Baking 101 | Cookie Checklist

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Cookie Checklist

Cookie Recipes from AlansKitchen.comUse this checklist to determine what went wrong with a batch of cookies.

If home-baked cookies spread too much during baking, check for these problems::

  • Your oven temperature was too cold.
  • You did not use pure cane sugar (sucrose); instead, you substituted a fructose sugar or a blend of sugars.
  • You greased the cookie sheets too heavily.
  • You substituted diet margarine or vegetable oil spreads for butter or regular stick margarine (80% fat).
  • You used dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar generally called for in recipes.
  • You used a warm cookie sheet when you place the cookie dough on the sheet.

If home-baked cookies did not spread too much during baking, check for these problems:

  • You over-mixed the cookie dough.
  • You used too cold a cookie dough.
  • You set the oven temperature too high.
  • You substituted solid vegetable oil shortening for butter in the recipe.

If home-baked cookies stick to the cookie sheet, check for these problems:

  • You did not adequately clean the cookie sheets between uses.
  • You did not grease the cookie sheets when the recipe called for greasing.
  • You under-baked the cookies.
  • You left the cookies on cookie sheets too long before removal.
  • Because the kitchen was too hot, the cookie batter was too warm.
  • The cookie sheets are warm or hot before baking.

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