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Looking for cowboy and western cooking recipes?  YES! Alan's Kitchen has a large collection of favorite cowboy and western cooking recipes that you're sure to love.
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Top Ten Cowboy & Western Beverage Recipes

  1. Cowboy Cooking Recipes from AlansKitchen.comCowboy Caramel Coffee
  2. Chisholm Trail Campfire Coffee
  3. Amarillo Cowboy Coffee
  4. Rocky Mountain Flip
  5. Casa Grande Sangria
  6. Cinnamon-Flavored Coffee
  7. The Palace Grapefruit Pecos
  8. Josey Wales Orange-Grapefruit Iceberg
  9. Kitty's Apple-Cider Tea
  10. Smiley's Cider Punch

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"You can judge a man by the hoss he rides; you can judge a cow outfit by the grub it serves."

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