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History of the Old West
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People of the Old West

Gen. George CrookThis is a list of notable law enforcement officials of the American frontier popularly known as the American Old West.  They occupied positions as sheriff, marshal, Texas Rangers, Arizona Rangers and others.

This is a list of known outlaws and others of the American frontier popularly known as the "Wild West".  Because many of those listed have been wanted by authorities at one time or another such as former horse thief Wyatt Earp, or Marshal turned outlaw Burt Alvord, they have been separated into those groups of which they last acted.  These lists include outlaws and gunslingers.

The following list of cowboys and cowgirls from the frontier era of the American Old West (approximately 1830 to 1910) was compiled to show examples of the cowboy and cowgirl genre.

The list includes the U.S. Military in the Old West and American Indian leaders in the Old West.





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