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Frontier Warfare

Poster for Buffalo Bill Wild West ShowAs the frontier moved westward, the establishment of U.S. military forts moved with it, representing and maintaining federal sovereignty over new territories.

As settlement sped up across the West after the transcontinental railroad was completed, clashes with Native Americans of the Plains and southwest reached a final phase.

The Arizona War was a dispute between Wyatt Earp, his brothers, Doc Holliday and an outlaw gang known as the Cowboys, led by Ike Clanton.

In 1889, President Benjamin Harrison authorized the opening of 2,000,000 acres of unoccupied lands in the Oklahoma territory acquired from the native tribes.

The Johnson County War was a range war which took place in Johnson County, Wyoming, in the Powder River Country in April 1892.

In his highly influential Frontier Thesis in 1893, Frederick Jackson Turner concluded that the frontier was all but gone. (But with the discovery of gold in the Klondike in 1896, a new frontier was opened up in the vast northern territory.

In 1910 the last conflict of the Old West began when Mexican Carrancistas rebelled against their government. Fighting spread all across Mexico and along the Mexican-American border several battles were fought between American soldiers and citizens against Mexicans.

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