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Haunted Gold (1932)

What do you know about the Western Haunted Gold?  Try this Western Film FUN Trivia. "Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page.The Big Stampede (1932)

1) Haunted Gold is a 1932 Western film starring John Wayne.  It is a remake of the 1928 film The Phantom City. Who was the star of The Phantom City (1928)?

  1. Buck Jones
  2. Ken Maynard
  3. Tom Mix

2) Who directed Haunted Gold (1932)?

  1. Marc Abbots
  2. Harry Carey
  3. Mack V. Wright

3) John Mason returns to the mine to claim his half share.  What is the name of the mine?

  1. Sally Ann
  2. Betty Jean
  3. Margaret Olsen

4) Cater also returns although her father lost his half share to Joe Ryan.  Who played Joe Ryan?

  1. Ernie Elliott
  2. Henry Morgan
  3. Harry Woods

5) Sheila Terry plays Janet Carter.

  • True or False?

6) The script was written by Zane Grey.

  • True or False?

7) .Who played Henchman Slim in an uncredited role?

  1. Slim Owens
  2. Slim Pickens
  3. Slim Whitaker

8) Who was the film’s producer?

  1. Ernie Adams
  2. Leon Schlesinger
  3. Abe Vigoda

9) What was the release date?

  1. October 17, 1932
  2. November 17, 1932
  3. December 17, 1932

10) What was the film’s running time?

  1. 48 minutes
  2. 58 minutes
  3. 68 minutes

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Haunted Gold (1932)

1) B.  2) C.  3) A. 4) C.  5) True  6) False? The script was written by Adele S. Buffington. 7) C.  8) B.  9) C.  10) B.

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