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1947 In Westerns

What do you know about 1947 In Westerns? Take this quick Alan's FUN Westerns Trivia.  "Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page..

1) Angel and the Badman (1947) is a black and white Western film, starring John Wayne and Gail Russell, which examines the ability of a shootist to renounce violence.
When is the movie released?

February 6, 1947
February 15, 1947
February 28, 1947

2) Bells of San Angelo (1947) is a Western directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers. The movie also stars Trigger and Dale Evans.
Who played Cookie Bullfincher?

  • Pat Brady
  • Andy Devine
  • Bob Nolan

3) Code of the West (1947) is a Western directed by William A. Burke. James Warren and Debra Alden starred in the movie.
Who wrote the novel the movie is based on?

  • Zane Grey
  • Mark O. Reilly
  • Harry Stockton

4) Pursued (1947) is a Western starring Robert Mitchum. The film was directed by Raoul Walsh. The film tells the story of Jeb (Mitchum) whose entire family was slaughtered when he was a young boy.
Who is the first billed cast member?

  • Judith Anderson
  • Robert Mitchum
  • Teresa Wright

5) Jesse James Rides Again (1947) is a Republic film serial. Clayton Moore played Jesse James. Jesse James Rides Again was budgeted at $149,967 although the final negative cost was $180,497 (a $30,530, or 20.4%, overspend). In 2011 dollars, the $180,497 budget was $1,782,492.86.

  • True or False?

6) The Vigilante (1947) was the 33rd serial released by Columbia Pictures. It was based on the comic book cowboy, The Vigilante, who first appeared in Action Comics, and was starred by Ralph Byrd, well known for his central role in the Dick Tracy serials
What is NOT a chapter title?

  • The Vigilante Rides Again
  • Twelve O’clock Meeting
  • The Secret of the Skyroom

7) Who was the Western actor that died on September 21, 1947 from a combination of lung cancer, emphysema and coronary thrombosis, at the age of 69.

  • Harry Carey
  • Ben Mix
  • Henry Thompson

8) In 1969, he joined the cast of NBC's The Virginian western series in the eighth season, as Jim Horn.  He is born on December 31, 1947 in Glendale, California
Who is the actor?

  • Rex Allen, Jr.
  • Tim Matheson
  • Mark Reagon

9) He made his first movie appearance was in 1947. He would go on and make his mark in many Westerns such as Broken Lance, The Last Wagon, and The Law and Jake Wade.
Who was the actor?

  • Robert Taylor
  • Bud Tucker
  • Richard Widmark

10) What is NOT a 1947 Gene Autry Western?

  • Robin Hood of Texas
  • Saddle Pals
  • Trail to Prescott

Check Your Answers

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