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1910 In Westerns

What do you know about 1910 In Westerns?
Take this quick Alan's FUN Westerns Trivia
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1When was the Western short film Abernathy Kids to the Rescue released in the USA?

  • February 6, 1910
  • July 13 1910
  • September 15, 1910

2)  In Old California is a silent movie filmed in 1910. It was the first movie shot in Hollywood, California.

  • True or False?

3Broncho Billy's Redemption is about a wanted cattle thief risks imprisonment when he tries to help a sick rancher and his daughter.  The cattle thief takes the man into town to see a doctor, and he is recognized and arrested.  Gilbert M. Anderson plays “Broncho Billy”.
Who plays the daughter Millie Merrill?

  • Frances Hall
  • Mable Morrison
  • Georgia Turner

4)  Tom Mix, Myrtle Stedman and William V. Mong star in The Range Riders.  Who was the production company?

  • American Movie Company
  • Royal Film Company
  • Selig Polyscope Company

5) Who was the actor, noted for his Western roles, born in Walters, Oklahoma born on December 13, 1910?

  • Van Heflin
  • Alan Ladd
  • James Morgan

6) Who is the Hollywood director, noted for The Magnificent Seven, Escape from Fort Bravo, and Joe Kidd, born on January 3, 1910 in Oak Park, Illinois?

  • Rex Allen
  • Ben Johnson
  • John Sturges

7) Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, Fred Church and Franklin Hall starred in the The Unknown Claim.  The movie was released on July 9, 1910.

  • True or False?

8) Who was the star of The Seal of the Church, a 1910 10 minute Western written by Robert Goodman and directed by Gaston Méliès?

  • Francis Ford
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Tom Ridge

9)  Arthur V. Johnson, Dell Henderson and Kate Bruce starred in the 1910 Western The Two Brothers.
Who was the director?

  • D.W. Griffith
  • W. Chrystie Miller
  • Henry B. Walthall

10)  A Romance of the Western Hills was a 16 minute, 1910 Western, directed by D.W. Griffith. 
Who was the lead star?

  • Mary Pickford
  • Dorothy West
  • Kathlyn Williams

Check Your Answers

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