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Cowboy G-Men

What do you know about Cowboy G-Men? Try this Alan�s FUN TV Westerns Trivia quiz. You�ll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1) Cowboy G-Men is a syndicated Western television series that premiered on September 13, 1952. How many episodes are filmed?

  • 15 episodes
  • 25 episodes
  • 39 episodes

2) Who plays Pat Gallagher?

  • William Boyd
  • Russell Hayden
  • Tom Johnson

3) Who plays Stoney Crockett

  • Jackie Coogan
  • Arnold Stange
  • Jerry Cooper

4) Phil Arnold plays Zerbo.

  • True or False?

5) What is the name of Pat Gallagher's horse?

  • Zipper
  • Fly
  • President

6) In this episode, an outlaw gang is stealing gold from Chinese placer miners, then driving off their claims with outrageous taxes. Because they're Chinese, they can't sue the local government agents. With Stoney posing as a Chinese miner and Pat pretending to be a representative of an Eastern engineering company, the U.S. government tries to bring an end to the careers of the outlaw gang and crooked state government agents. What is the name of the episode.

  • Chinaman's Chance
  • Lotus Leaf Arrives
  • Victory in Chinatown

7) In the episode Chippewa Indians: Pat and Stoney are ordered to Wisconsin to investigate an Indian agent's claim that a lumber company is forcing the Chippewa Indians off their reservation in order to harvest pristine stands of pine trees. The G-men's investigation is hindered by the distrust of the Chippewas as well as the lumbermen. Who plays No-Ko-Win?

  • Robert Bice
  • Lyle Talbot
  • Rick Vallin

8) The episode is Hang the Jury: Pat and Stoney are sent to Oklahoma to assist the state authorities to investigate a hanging judge. Stoney's plan to go undercover backfires when he is framed for murder himself. Who plays Judge Jefferson Dixon?

  • Morris Ankrum
  • Tristram Coffin
  • Tom Hendren

9) Stoney and the son of the local Indian chief are attacked while escorting a gold shipment meant for the tribe. The nuggets are stolen, the Indian killed and Stoney is arrested for the murder and theft. With his partner in jail, Pat endeavors to learn who is behind the robbery and the previous thefts of tools and supplies meant for the Indians before the tribe returns to the warpath to avenge the death of their kinsman. Sawdust Swindle is the name of this episode. Pamela Duncan plays Morning Star.

  • True or False?

10) The Woman Mayor is the episode: Pat and Stoney are ordered to Nugget City to tear down a toll-gate on federal land. They are opposed by a woman mayor who uses the gate to keep out riff-raff and raise money for growing town's needs. Who plays Mayor Crystal Colby?

  • Jean Parker
  • Alice Russell
  • Betty Greybull

Cowboy G-Men Answers

  1. 39 episodes
  2. Russell Hayden
  3. Jackie Coogan
  4. True
  5. Zipper
  6. Chinaman's Chance
  7. Robert Bice
  8. Morris Ankrum
  9. True
  10. Jean Parker

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