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Alias Smith and Jones

What do you know about Alias Smith and Jones?
Try this Alan's TV Westerns Trivia quiz.
You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1) The show lasted three seasons, beginning on ABC-TV in January 1971.
Who played the character Hannibal Heyes?

  • Peter Duel
  • Ben Murphy
  • John Russell

2) Who played Kid Curry on the TV series?

  • Peter Duel
  • Ben Murphy
  • Jeff York

3) Who created the series?

  • Glen A. Larson
  • Ralph Story
  • John Thomas James

4. Thaddeus Jones was Hannibal Heyes' alias.

  • True or False?

5) Exit from Wickenburg is an episode about Hannibal and the Kid have finally found good jobs in a town where they can really fit in. So why is everyone trying to convince them to get out of town? And more to the point; why are they being so polite about it? And why can't our heroes take some good advice just once?
Who played Sam Finrock?

  • Michael Learner
  • Pernell Roberts
  • Lorene Greene

6) In the episode The Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke: Charlie O'Rourke, a friend of Heyes and Curry from their outlaw days, is about to be hanged for a robbery which resulted in several deaths. He recognizes Heyes and Curry from his jail-cell window and offers them a map to the gold bars he stole, wanting that to be his "legacy" to them. The boys decline, but others -- including Bannerman detective Harry Briscoe -- steal the map and head after the gold. In the interests of staying honest and turning the tables on Briscoe, an old foe who might be a friend, the boys start trailing the gold hunters.
Who played Charlie O'Rourke?

  • Billy Green Bush
  • J.D. Cannon
  • Guy Raymond

7) Sarah Henderson ran out on her husband and hooked up with Jim Stokely, a charming drifter. Mr. Henderson wants her back, and has hired Smith and Jones to retrieve her. The boys quickly make friends with Stokely, which both helps and hinders them as they try to persuade Sarah that her alcoholic husband has sobered up and is the man she used to love. Sarah decides to give her husband a second chance, and all seems well -- for one night. Then somebody blows Mr. Henderson's head off with a shotgun. Stokely is the obvious suspect -- too obvious for Heyes and Curry to stomach, having been convinced that the man is no killer. So who did do it? With help with a friendly local sheriff who doesn't recognize them, the boys spread the word that they've stolen the murder weapon and plan to have it tested for fingerprints -- hoping the killer will go after the gun. Meredith MacRae played Sarah Henderson.
Who played Jim Stokely?

  • Monte Markham
  • Paul Carr
  • Noah Beery Jr.

8) Clementine Hale, a friend of our heroes since they grew up together in Kansas, meets the boys in Denver and shows them a group photograph they all posed for not too long ago. The photo is invaluable to lawmen who want to arrest Heyes and Curry, and Clementine waves it at the boys in an attempt to get them to go along with her larcenous scheme.
Who played Clementine Hale in the episode Dreadful Sorry Clementine?

  • Sally Field
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Anita Bergerman
  • Sally Field

9) In the episode Which Way to the O.K. Corral?: To stop the MacCreedy-Armindariz feud from coming to a rope's end, Heyes and Curry ride to the aid of their former employer Patrick "Big Mac" MacCreedy, who is accused of murdering the foreman of his across-the-Rio-Grande neighbor Armindariz's ranch. Burl Ives played Big Mac McCreedy

  • True or False?

10) In the episode Only Three to a Bed: The boys hire on to cut out horses, break them and get them to market before a Big Daddy rancher nearby can claim all the mavericks running the range as his own. In a role reversal of sorts for our heroes, Heyes strikes out miserably talking the talk and playing the cards with a beautiful brunette, while Curry finds a kinship with a very young, very beautiful and very married young blonde lady. 
Who played Bronc?

  • Paul Fix
  • Chuck Connors
  • John E. Crawford
Check Your Answers

Alias Smith and Jones

  1. Peter Duel

  2. Ben Murphy

  3. Glen A. Larson

  4. False. Thaddeus Jones was Kid Curry's alias.

  5. Pernell Roberts

  6. Billy Green Bush

  7. Monte Markham

  8. Sally Field

  9. True

  10. Paul Fix

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