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The Adventures of Jim Bowie

What do you know about The Adventures of Jim Bowie?
Try this Alanís FANatical About TV Westerns Trivia quiz.  Youíll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1) The series began September 1956. It is the story based on the legendary Jim Bowie. The series was set in what state in the 1830?s?

  1. Texas

  2. Florida

  3. Louisiana

2) Besides dying at the Alamo, Jim Bowie was known for his weapons development. What did he develop?

  1. Cartridge carbine

  2. Bowie knife

  3. Louisiana Saddle

3) Who played Jim Bowie?

  1. Gene Barry

  2. Scott Forbes

  3. Gus Ferro

4) The TV series lasted two season.  How many episodes were filmed?

  1. 36

  2. 56

  3. 76

5) What network originally aired the series?

  1. ABC

  2. CBS

  3. NBC

6) In the episode The Secessionist: A friend of Jim's is asked by President Andrew Jackson to dissuade a group of French planters from seceding from the Union.  Who played President Andrew Jackson?

  1. Leslie Kimmell

  2. Mark Reynolds

  3. Abe Ashford

7) A Horse for Old Hickory is an episode where Jim goes to an auction to bid on a racehorse he wants to give as a present to President Jackson, but he finds out that he's up against another bidder who wants the horse--none other than Sam Houston.

  • True or False?

8) Bayou Tontine is an episode were Jim is asked by famous naturalist James Audubon to protect a young girl who has just inherited a fortune.  Who played Audubon?

  1. Robert Cornthwaite

  2. Edward Colmans

  3. John Cliff

9) In the episode Jim Bowie, Apache, who played Cephas K. Ham?

  1. Chuck Connors

  2. Richard Hale

  3. George Keymas

10) In the episode Night in Tennessee, who played Davy Crockett?

  1. George Dunn

  2. Tom Brown

  3. Jeff Purky

The Adventures of Jim Bowie

1) C 2) B. 3) B. 4) C. 5) A. 6) A. 7) True 8) A 9) A. 10) A

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