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The Adventures of Champion

What do you know about The Adventures of Champion?
Try this Alanís FANatical About TV Westerns Trivia quiz.  Youíll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1) The Adventures of Champion is an American children's Western series. When was the first episode aired?

  1. February 6, 1955

  2. September 23, 1955

  3. December 1, 1955

2) How many episodes were aired?

  1. 26

  2. 56

  3. 76

3) The story is about the 12-year-old Ricky North, who lived on his uncle's ranch in the American Southwest. Who play Ricky?

  1. Barry Curtis

  2. Bob Livingston

  3. Mark Walburg

4) Ricky's companions were a wild stallion, Champion, and a German Shepherd, Rebel, played by Blaze.

  • True or False?

5) Ricky's uncle was Sandy North. Who play Sandy?

  1. Mark Sessions

  2. Bill Wagner

  3. Jim Bannon

6) Who owned the show's production company, Flying A Productions?

  1. Gene Autry

  2. Roy Roger

  3. Rex Allen

7) The horse starring in The Adventures of Champion was known as Television Champion, or TV Champ, for short. He was distinguished by his chestnut coat, blond mane and tail, four white stockings and broad white facial blaze. TV Champ made frequent appearances with Autry in films and television during the 1950s. Unlike his fictional namesake, TV Champ was a gelding.

  • True or False?

8) Who sung the show's theme song and was uncredited?

  1. Mike Stewart

  2. Mike Love

  3. Frankie Autry

9) In the episode King of the Rodeo: Ricky and Sandy try to rescue Champ from a carnival owner who has captured the horse and uses him as an attraction, offering a large prize to anyone who can ride him. The show was first aired November 29, 1955.

  • True or False?

10) In the episode Calhoun Rides Again: An old cowboy returns to visit Ricky and Sandy and help them round up a gang of desperadoes. Who played Will Calhoun?

  1. John Damler

  2. Larry Hudson

  3. Francis McDonald

The Adventures of Champion

1) B.
2) A.
3) A.
4) True
5) C.
6) A.
7) True
8) A.
9) True
10) C.

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