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The Texan

What do you know about The Texan? Try this Alan�s TV Westerns Trivia quiz. You�ll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1) This Western is about a fast gun, Bill Longley, who helped keep law and order. Who played Bill Longley in this Western?

  • Jack Elam
  • Tom Tryon
  • Rory Calhoun

2) How many episodes were made of the series?

  • 31 episodes
  • 54 episodes
  • 79 episodes

3) What was the shows running time?

  • 30 min.
  • 60 min.
  • 90 min.

4) Who was NOT one of the show's executive producers?

  • Desi Arnaz
  • Rory Calhoun
  • Steve Goddard

5) When did it first air on TV?

  • September 29, 1958
  • September 1, 1958
  • October 7, 1958

6) What network did the show appear on?

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC

7) Bill Longley arrives in a small Texas town with the intension of helping Les Torbit, an old army buddy, in his range war with Kyle Richards' outfit. Longley soon learns that Torbit is held for accidentally shooting Richards' teen-aged daughter, but a potential lynch mob is getting liquored up to hang the prisoner if the girl dies. Who played Kyle Richards?

  • Neville Brand
  • Max McGee
  • Mark Reynolds

8) In the episode The Sheriff of Boot Hill, who played Joe Lufton?

  • Denver Pyle
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Steve Ambrose

9) Longley has been a special marshal to the Texas town of Rio Nada. The area has been plagued by Mexican bandits who have used to the cross the border into the United States and raid the countryside. The gang is led by a mysterious leader known only as "El Sombro". When Longley captures an agent for El Sombro, he hopes to use the threat of hanging for the attempted murder of a deputy sheriff to force him to identify the illusive bandit chief. Who played Poker Alice?

  • Barbara Stuart
  • Valerie Allen
  • Anne Banner

10) Who appeared twice on the series in the episodes "The Ringer" and "Showdown"?

  • Ron Hayes
  • Mel Gibson
  • Chuck Connors

The Texan Answers

  1. Rory Calhoun
  2. 79 episodes
  3. 30 min.
  4. Steve Goddard
  5. September 29, 1958
  6. CBS
  7. Neville Brand
  8. Denver Pyle
  9. Barbara Stuart
  10. Ron Hayes

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