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Western Movies Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE.Fury is an Western television series that aired on NBC from 1955-1960, starring Peter Graves, Bobby Diamond, Joey Clark Newton, and the late William Fawcett. Roger Mobley, later a pastor in Texas, co-starred in the three last seasons as Homer "Packy" Lambert, a friend of Joey's.

What do you know about Fury. Take this quick quiz.

1. What was the name of Jim Newton's ranch?

2. The series continued in reruns on NBC until 1966 and was syndicated throughout the 1960s and 1970s. It was the first American series produced by the British-based company. Who syndicated and produced the series?

3. What was the frequent introduction?

4. The story begins with a group of young boys playing baseball one day, when the ball suddenly goes through a nearby window. The boys pin the blame on Joey Clark, an innocent youngster often accused of being a troublemaker. Witnessing the incident, rancher Jim Newton walks up and clears the boy's name. After learning that Joey is an orphan, Newton takes him home with him to the ranch and begins adoption procedures. Who played Joey?

5. What was the typical plot line?

6. In most episodes, Fury would only let Joey ride him, unless the other individual did something for Fury like fix a damaged hoof. True or False?

7. Who always won fist fights?

8. Bobby Diamond became a major film and TV star. True or False?

9. Peter Graves starred on TV, movie and commercials roles. What was the other TV series he is known for?

10. What was the real name of the horse that played Fury?


1. Broken Wheel Ranch

2. ITC Entertainment

3. The show depicted the beloved stallion running inside the corral and approaching the camera as the announcer reads: "FURY!..The story of a horse..and a boy who loves him."

4. Bobby Diamond

5. A typical plot involved a guest star who got into mischief, was rebellious or disorderly and got into trouble because of it, and subsequently was rescued by Fury.

6. True

7. Jim

8. False. Bobby Diamond, the actor who played Joey, never got another starring role, either on TV or in the movies.

9. Mission: Impossible

10. The horse, whose actual name was Highland Dale, starred in Giant and Wild Is the Wind among several other major motion pictures from 1946 to 1957.

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