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The Rebel

The Rebel is an American Western television series that ran originally on the ABC network from 1959 to 1961.

What do you know about the TV Western The Rebel. Take this quick quiz.

Western Movies Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE.1. The series is about the adventures of young Confederate Army veteran Johnny Yuma. Haunted by his memories of the war, Yuma roams the American West in search of inner peace. Yuma keeps a journal of his adventures and fights injustice where he finds it with the help of a double-barreled shotgun having a sawed-off stock and barrel.

Who played Johnny Yuma?

2. ABC broadcast the half-hour Western. When did it first air on TV?

3. What Confederate unit is it believed Johnny Yuma was a member of?

4. In the first episode, who played Pierce?

5. Along with Nick Adams, who created the series?

6. What is Johnny Yuma's fictional hometown?

7. The episode "Yellowhair" has Yuma captured by the historical Kiowa chief Satanta, whose has a fictional adopted white daughter. Who played the daughter? is played by Carol Nugent, the wife of actor Nick Adams.

8. After the show's original broadcast run on ABC finished in June 1961. It was picked up by what network and rerun as a summer replacement series from June to September 1962?

9. The show�s theme song, The Ballad of Johnny Yuma had Andrew J. Fenady write the lyrics. Who composed the song?

10. It was recorded for the original broadcasts by Johnny Cash, but wasn't released as a single until after the show went off the air in June 1961. Who was originally scheduled to sing the theme song?



  • 1. Nick Adams
  • 2. October 4, 1959
  • 3. 3rd Texas Cavalry
  • 4. Dan Blocker
  • 5. Andrew J. Fenady
  • 6. Mason City, Texas
  • 7. Carol Nugent, the wife of actor Nick Adams
  • 8. NBC
  • 9. Richard Markowitz
  • 10. Elvis Presley

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