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F Troop

What do you know about F Troop?  Take this quick FUN TV Westerns Trivia.  "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

F Troop1. F Troop is set at , a fictional United States Army outpost in the West, in 1865, the year the American Civil War ended.
What was the fort's name?

  1. Fort Bowie, Arizona

  2. Fort Courage, Kansas

  3. Fort Lincoln, South Dakota

2. The commanding officer at the fort is the gallant but chronically clumsy and accident-prone Captain Wilton Parmenter.
Who played the role?

  1. Ken Berry

  2. Don Knotts

  3. Ed Patton

3. Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke's business dealings involve illegally running the local saloon and an exclusive-rights treaty with the local Indian tribe (the Hekawi) to sell their "authentic" souvenirs to tourists. He calls his dealings "O'Rourke Enterprises".
Who played Sgt. O'Rourke?

  1. Forrest Tucker

  2. Tom Selleck

  3. Ed Ames

4. Larry Storch played O'Rourke's dimwitted sidekick and business partner in the illegal O'Rourke Enterprises scheme.
What was the character's name?

  1. Corporal Randolph Agarn

  2. Sergeant Randolph Scott

  3. Private John Agar

5. What 1930s and 1940s B-Western star played the character Trooper Duffy?

  1. Hoot Gibson

  2. Buddy Ebsen

  3. Bob Steele

6. "Wrangler" Jane Angelica Thrift was played by Melody Patterson.  She was Captain Parmenter's beautiful but tomboyish girlfriend, who runs the local general store.  She is determined to marry the naive Parmenter and is often obliged to rescue him from his various predicaments.
When the series began, what was Patterson age?

  1. 15 1/2-years old

  2. 17-years old

  3. 21-years old

7. Who played Chief Wild Eagle, leader of the Hekawi tribe and business partner in the illegal O'Rourke Enterprises scheme?

  1. Frank De Kova

  2. Iron Eagle Cody

  3. Jay Silverheels

8. The regular characters from the Hekawi tribe where all played by American Indian actors.

  • True or False.

9. During the Civil War, what award was Captain Wilton Parmenter given?

  1. Silver Star

  2. Medal of Honor

  3. Perfect Soldier Award

10. Roaring Chicken was an aged medicine man.
Who played Roaring Chicken?

  1. Sterling Holloway

  2. Milton Berle

  3. Edward Everett Horton

F Troop

1) B. 2) A. 3) A. 4) A. 5) C) 6) A. 7) A. 8) False. No one was an American Indian. 9) B. 10) C.

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