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The Rifleman

What do you know about The Rifleman?  Take this quick FUN TV Westerns Trivia.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

The Rifleman1. This Western first aired on ABC-TV in September 1958.  The series starred Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford.  Veteran actor Paul Fix played the Marshall.
What is the Marshall's name?

  1. Jim Quince

  2. Joe Scarlett

  3. Micah Torrance

  4. Ryan Howard

2. Lucas McCain owned a ranch outside of town.
What the town's name in The Rifleman?

  1. South Fork

  2. North Fork

  3. Santa Fe

  4. Roswell

3. What well know Hollywood director created The Rifleman?

  1. John Ford

  2. King Vidor

  3. Sam Peckinpah

  4. Francis Ford Coppola

4. Who did NOT direct an episode of The Rifleman?

  1. Ted Post

  2. Cliff Clavin

  3. Ida Lupino

  4. Joseph H. Lewis

5. What National Basketball Team did Chuck Conners' play for?

  1. Boston Celtics

  2. Philadelphia Warriors

  3. New York Knicks

  4. Phoenix Suns

6. Johnny Crawford received an Emmy Award nomination at the age of 13 for his role as Mark McCain, the son of Chuck Connors on the television series The Rifleman.

  • True or False?

7. The series is supposed to have happened during the mid-1880s.  
However, what was the model years of the Winchester rifle Lucas McCain used?

  1. 1872

  2. 1892

  3. 1902

  4. 1912

8. Who did NOT appear as Doc Burrage?

  1. Edgar Buchanan

  2. Ralph Moody

  3. Joe Higgins

  4. Rhys Williams

9. In the opening credits, how many shots did Lucas McCain fire with his Winchester?

  1. 10

  2. 12

  3. 13

  4. 17

10. Who composed the music to The Rifleman?

  1. Herschel Burke Gilbert

  2. Mark Reynolds

  3. John Williams

  4. Bobby Hart

The Rifleman

1) C. 2) B. 3) C. 4) B. 5) A. 6) True 7) B. 8) C. 9) B. 10) A.

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