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Where Are They Buried? Trivia


TV Westerns Trivia 20

The Rounders, Sara, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Shane, Sheriff of Cochise, Shotgun Slade, Stagecoach West, Stoney Burke, Tales of The Texas Rangers, and 26 Men

Choose an answer from the four choices offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Western Movies Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE. The Rounders

1. This is a short 17 episode Western from the 1966 season. The show starred Ron Hays, Chill Wills and Patrick Wayne. The show was based on a movie Western. Who was NOT a star in the movie version?

  • A. Glenn Ford
  • B. Henry Fonda
  • C. Chill Wills
  • D. Bob Denver


2. This 13 episode Western had a lead character named Sara Yarnell. She taught school in Independence, Colorado. Who played Sara?

  • A. Brenda Vaccaro
  • B. Julia Bailey
  • C. Martha Higgins
  • D. Alice Stratton

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

3. The series cover 79 episodes from September 1955 to September 1958. It was the story of Sergeant Preston of the Northwest Mounties, his horse Rex and his dog King. During The Gold Rush, Sergeant Preston always got his man. Richard Simmons played Sergeant Preston. Where did they film the series?

  • A. Vancouver, British Columbia
  • B. Lake Huron, Canada
  • C. Mammoth Lake and Big Bear, California
  • D. Denver, Colorado

4. Did you ever own a piece property in the Yukon?

  • Yes or No?


5. Shane lasted only 17 episodes in 1966. Who played Shane on the TV series?

  • A. Tom Tully
  • B. Bert Freed
  • C. Tom Starett
  • D. David Carradine

Sheriff of Cochise

6. This modern Western takes place in Cochise County, Arizona. Sheriff Frank Morgan was the top county lawman. The show ran two years from 1956 to 1958. Who created the series?

  • A. John Bromfield
  • B. Christopher Shea
  • C. Rex Allen
  • D. Stan Jones

7. After serving the people of Cochise Country, Sheriff Frank Morgan became Marshall. Who played Frank Morgan in both �The Sheriff of Chochise Country� and �U.S. Marshal�?

  • A. Richard Webb
  • B. James Griffith
  • C. John Bromfield
  • D. Charles Bateman

Shotgun Slade

8. The Western series from 1959-1961 on CBS-TV. Who played the lead role?

  • A. Kirby Grant
  • B. Scott Brady
  • C. Ron Hagerty
  • D. Ewing Mitchell

Stagecoach West

9. This Western aired one season on ABC-TV. The series starred Wayne Rogers, Robert Bray and Richard Eyer. Wayne Rogers would star in another TV series. What was the TV series?

  • A. M.A.S.H.
  • B. State Trooper
  • C. The Way West
  • D. Angel from Heaven

Stoney Burke

10. This rodeo Western last one season. Who was NOT in the cast?

  • A. Jack Lord
  • B. Bruce Dern
  • C. Warren Oates
  • D. Douglas Kennedy

Tales of The Texas Rangers

11. This 1955-1959 series was based on the radio show of the same name. Willard Parker played Ranger Jace Pearson and Harry Lauter played Ranger Clay Morgan. The show alter between old time Texas Rangers and modern day Texas Rangers. Who played Jace Pearson on the radio series?

  • A. Willard Parker
  • B. Leslie Nielsen
  • C. Joel McCrea
  • D. Randolph Scott

26 Men

12. This was the story of the famous Arizona Rangers. With only 26 rangers, they rode Arizona keeping law and order. During 1957 and 1958, there were 78 half-hour episodes filmed. Tris Coffin starred as Captain Tom Rynning. What famous movie Western hero produced the series?

  • A. William Boyd
  • B. Gene Autry
  • C. Roy Rogers
  • D. Russell Hayden

Check Your Answers

  • The Rounders
    • 1. D. Bob Denver
  • Sara
    • 2. A. Brenda Vaccaro
  • Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
    • 3. C. Mammoth Lake and Big Bear, California
    • 4. Yes or No? The sponsor had deeds in their product.
  • Shane
    • 5. D. David Carradine
  • Sheriff of Cochise
    • 6. D. Stan Jones
    • 7. C. John Bromfield
  • Shotgun Slade
    • 8. B. Scott Brady
  • Stagecoach West
    • 9. A. M.A.S.H.
  • Stoney Burke
    • 10. D. Douglas Kennedy
  • Tales of The Texas Rangers
    • 11. C. Joel McCrea
  • 26 Men
    • 12. D. Russell Hayden

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