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Where Are They Buried? Trivia


TV Westerns Trivia 19

The Oregon Trail, The Outcasts, Outlaws, The Outlaws, Overland Trail, Paradise, Pistols N Petticoats, Pony Express, The Quest, Rango, Riverboat. The Road West

Western Movies Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE.Choose an answer from the three choices offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

The Oregon Trail

1. Evan Thorpe was disillusioned with his life in his native Illinois and was taking his three children along the Oregon Trail to try his hand out West. Darleen Carr played Margaret Devlin, Evan's love interest. James Garner played Evan Thorpe in this TV series?

  • True or False?

The Outcasts

2. Earl Corey and Jemal David were hardened bounty hunters in this one season Western 1968-1969. Don Murray and Otis Young played the two characters. Who produced the TV series?

  • A. Screen Gems
  • B. Warner Brothers
  • C. ZIV
  • D. MGM


3. In this Western, the good guy and bad guys were transported to contemporary Texas. Rod Taylor and William Lucking played the lead characters. Who was NOT a cast member?

  • A. Patrick Houser
  • B. Charles Napier
  • C. Christina Belford
  • D. Otis Young

The Outlaws

4. This Western lasted two seasons from September 1960 to September 1962. This hour-long Western showed the struggle between lawmen and outlaws in the Old West. During the second season, they added a veteran sidekick to the cast. Who played this new character?

  • A. Barton MacLane
  • B. Tex Ritter
  • C. Smiley Burnette
  • D. Slim Pickens

Overland Trail

5. The Western of only 17 episodes, Overland Trail tells the story of getting the stage safely along The Overland Trail.  This 1960 starred veteran TV Western actor Doug McClure.  Who played the other lead in the TV series?

  • A. James Garner
  • B. Stuart Whitman
  • C. Bob Steele
  • D. William Bendix


6. Ethan Allen Cord was an Old West gunfighter. Near Paradise, his sister died, leaving for him to care for her four children. Who played Ethan Allen Cord?

  • A. Matthew Newmark
  • B. Michael Patrick
  • C. Brian Lando
  • D. Lee Horsley

Pistols N Petticoats

7. This was a Western comedy during the 1966-1967 season. The series starred Ann Sheridan as Henrietta Hanks who lived in Wretched, Colorado. Who played Sheriff Sikes?

  • A. Gary Vinson
  • B. Douglas V. Fowley
  • C. Roger B. Smith
  • D. Clair Harold

Pony Express

8. This is another short-lived Westerns. This NBC-TV Western aired in the fall of 1959. The cast included Earle Hodgins, Grant Sullivan and Don Dorrell.

  • True or False?

The Quest

9. The story of the Beaudine Brothers search for their captured sister came on the air in September 1976 and lasted until December. Kurt Russell played Quentin Beaudine and Tim Matheson played Morgan Beaudine.

  • True or False?


10. This Western comedy had Rango an inept, bungling Texas Ranger. Guy Marks played the Indian and Capt. Horton was played by Norman Alden. The series ran a half season in 1967. Who played the lead character, Rango?

  • A. Jock Mahoney
  • B. Dick Jones
  • C. Don Knotts
  • D. Tim Conway


11. This Western ran from September 1959 to January 1961 with 44 episodes. Darren McGavin played the riverboat captain Grey Holden. The other lead was the boat�s pilot Ben Frazier. Who played Ben Frazier?

  • A. Michael McGreevey
  • B. Jack Lambert
  • C. Dick Wessel
  • D. Burt Reynolds

12. What was the riverboat's name?

  • A. The Vicksburg
  • B. The Yorktown
  • C. The Enterprise
  • D. The Ranger

The Road West

13. This Western lasted 26 episodes. It was the story of Benjamin Pride moving his family from Springfield, Ohio to Kansas shortly after the Civil War. Who was NOT in the cast?

  • A. Andrew Prine
  • B. Darren McGavin
  • C. Barry Sullivan
  • D. Kathryn Hays

Check Your Answers

  • The Oregon Trail
    • 1. False? Rod Taylor played Evan Thorpe.
  • The Outcasts
    • 2. A. Screen Gems
  • Outlaws
    • 3. D. Otis Young
  • The Outlaws
    • 4. D. Slim Pickens
  • Overland Trail
    • 5. D. William Bendix
  • Paradise
    • 6. D. Lee Horsley
  • Pistols N Petticoats
    • 7. A. Gary Vinson
  • Pony Express
    • 8. True
  • The Quest
    • 9. False? Kurt Russell played Morgan Beaudine and Tim Matheson played Quentin.
  • Rango
    • 10. D. Tim Conway
  • Riverboat
    • 11. D. Burt Reynolds
    • 12. C. The Enterprise
  • The Road West
    • 13. B. Darren McGavin

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