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TV Westerns Trivia 16

Hondo, Hotel De Paree, How the West was Won, Iron Horse, Jefferson Drum, Johnny Ringo, Judge Roy Bean, Klondike, Kodiak, and Kung Fu

Western Movies Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE.Choose an answer from the four choices offered after each question and then click "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz to see the answers.

1) The show lasted only 17 episodes.  What was the dog's name?

  1. Hondo
  2. Lance
  3. Bill
  4. Sam

Hotel De Paree
2) The main character's name is Sundance. He lives in Georgetown, Colorado at the Hotel De Paree. Who plays Sundance?

  1. James Arness
  2. Strother Martin
  3. Bruce Boxleitner
  4. Earl Holliman

How The West Was Won
3) The story of the Macahan family ran from February 1978 to April 1979. Who played the character Zeb Macahan?

  1. Earl Holliman
  2. Bruce Boxleitner
  3. Peter Graves
  4. James Arness

Iron Horse
4) Dale Robertson won a railroad in a card game.  What was the name of the railroad.

  1. Union Pacific
  2. Colorado and Northern
  3. Buffalo Pass, Scalplock and Defiance
  4. Cannonball

5) Bob Random played the young clerk.  What was the clerk's name?

  1. Ben Calhoun
  2. Dave Tarrant
  3. Nils Torvold
  4. Barnabas Collins

Jefferson Drum
6) This one season Western ran from April 1958 to April 1959.  It was about a frontier newspaperman.  Who played the main character Jefferson Drum?

  1. Eugene Martin
  2. Strother Martin
  3. Gary Collins
  4. Jeff Richards

Johnny Ringo
7) The show started in October 1958 to September 1960.  This half hour Western was about a Sheriff Johnny Ringo in the Arizona Territory.  Who played Johnny Ringo?

  1. Mark Goddard
  2. Don Durant
  3. Jim Morris
  4. Sam Spade

8) Who was the series producer?

  1. Karen Sharpe
  2. Edgar Buchanan
  3. James Arness
  4. Aaron Spelling

Judge Roy Bean
9) During 1955-1956, this 39 episodes was about the "only low west of the Pecos."  What actor played Judge Roy Bean?

  1. Jack Buetel
  2. Jack Loughery
  3. Russell Hayden
  4. Edgar Buchanan

10) This was a Western about the Gold Rush days near Skagway, Alaska. It lasted only 18 episodes. Ralph Taeger played Mike Halliday.  Who played the other lead, Jeff Durain?

  1. Clint Walker
  2. Pierre Benton
  3. James Coburn
  4. Mark Goddard

11) In this modern Western, Cal "Kodiak" McKay, and Alaskan State Patrol Officer. The show only lasted 9 episodes. Who played "Kodiak"?

  1. Ralph Taeger
  2. Clint Walker
  3. Russell Hayden
  4. Bill Plant

Kung Fu
12) This martial arts Western ran from 1972 for three years.  Coming from China, Cain fought both Chinese Imperial Guards and bounty hunters.  Who played Cain?

  1. Robert Carradine
  2. Keith Carradine
  3. David Carradine
  4. Keye Luke

Trivia 16

1) D.  2) D.  3) D.  4) C.  5) D.  6) D.  7) B.  8) D.  9) D.  10) C. 11) B. 12) C.

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