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TV Westerns Trivia 14

What do you know about Empire, F Troop, Father Murphy, Frontier, Frontier Circus, Frontier Doctor, and The Gray Ghost ?
Try this TV Westerns Trivia quiz.
You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1) This modern Western had a well-known cast in 1962. 
Who was NOT a cast member?

  1. Ryan O'Neal
  2. Richard Egan
  3. Terry Moore
  4. Clint Eastwood

F Troop
2) This comedy Western ran for two years from September 1965 to August 1967.
Who played the lead character Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke?

  1. Forrest Tucker
  2. Larry Storch
  3. Ken Berry
  4. Bob Steele

3) One of the support cast included Trooper Duffy.  One of the stars of the 1930s and 1940s B-Westerns played the role.
Who was the actor?

  1. Allan Lane
  2. Bob Steele
  3. Rex Allen
  4. Wild Bill Elliott

Father Murphy
4) Who created the series?

  1. Merlin Olsen
  2. Michael Landon
  3. Lorne Greene
  4. Katherine Cannon

5) What did Father Murphy run?

  1. mine
  2. orphanage
  3. church
  4. restaurant

6) It was one of the first Western anthology series. This realistic series only lasted one season. Veteran character actor Walter Coy narrated the series.
What year did it first run on TV?

  1. 1952
  2. 1954
  3. 1955
  4. 1957

Frontier Circus
7) This hour-long Western drama played for one season.
Who was NOT one of the show's stars?

  1. Richard Jaeckel
  2. Pat Boone
  3. Chill Wills
  4. John Derek

Frontier Doctor
8) This was an early 1950s syndicated TV Western. Republic Studios. produced the series.
Who was the star?

  1. Peter Graves
  2. Bob Steele
  3. Allan "Rocky" Lane
  4. Rex Allen

The Gray Ghost
9) The series was about a real life Confederate commander known as The Gray Ghost. Who is this historic figure?

  1. Robert E. Lee
  2. J.E.B. Stuart
  3. John S. Mosby
  4. Amos McCoy

TV Westerns Trivia 14

1) D.  2) A.  3) B.  4) B.  5) B.  6) C.  7) B.  8) D.  9) C.

  1. Clint Eastwood
  2. Forrest Tucker
  3. Bob Steele
  4. Michael Landon
  5. Orphanage
  6. 1955
  7. Rex Allen
  8. Rex Allen
  9. John S. Mosby
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