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Rawhide 2

What do you know about Rawhide 2?
Try this FUN TV Westerns Trivia quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Film and TV Westerns1) Sheb Wooley plays Pete Nolan in Rawhide.
 What does he do for the trail drive?

  • Scout
  • Ramrod
  • Trail Boss
  • Herd owner

2) Which character does Paul Brinegar play in Rawhide?

  • Mushy
  • Jesus Patines
  • Jim Quince
  • Wishbone

3) After Eric Fleming left the series, John Ireland is added to the cast.
What character does he play?

  • Jed Colby
  • Joe Scarlett
  • Ian Cabot
  • Solomon King

4) Another actor holds one of the leads during the last season.
Who is the actor?

  • Raymond St. Jacques
  • John Hart
  • John Erwin
  • John Pickard

5) What catch phrase from Rawhide becomes a classic?

  • Go ahead, make my day
  • Head 'em up, move 'em out
  • Do you feel lucky?
  • Go ahead, whistle Dixie

6) Who creates the TV Western Rawhide?

  • Eric Fleming
  • Eric Norden
  • Charles Marquis Warren
  • Endre Bohem

7) Robert Cabal is the wrangler, Jesus "Hey Soos" Patines.

  • True or False?

8) Who is the cook's unfortunate assistant, Harkness "Mushy" Mushgrove III?

  • Chill Wills
  • James Murdock
  • Ed Wynn
  • Dick York

9) Who is Steve Raines character?

  • Jim Quince
  • Morgan James
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Billy Bonney

10) When does Rawhide ends it run on CBS?

  • November 26, 1965
  • December 7, 1965
  • January 6, 1966
  • February 6, 1966
Check Your Answers

Rawhide 2

  1. Scout
  2. Wishbone
  3. Jed Colby
  4. Raymond St. Jacques
  5. "Head 'em up, move 'em out!"
  6. Charles Marquis Warren
  7. True
  8. James Murdock
  9. Jim Quince
  10. December 7, 1965
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