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Frontier Doctor

What do you know about Frontier Doctor?
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) Frontier Doctor is an Western TV series that aired in syndication beginning September 26, 1958.Film and TV Westerns

  • True or False?

2) Frontier Doctor ran 60 minutes.

  • True or False?

3) Frontier Doctor followed the exploits of small town doctor, Dr. Bill Baxter, who rode in a buggy with his black bag and found more than his share of trouble as he came to the aid of people who crossed his path.
Who played Dr. Bill Baxter?

  1. Glenn Strange
  2. Rex Allen
  3. Ken Curtis

4) Episode 1: Queen of the Cimarron is about Dr. Baxter discovering that the cattle that saloon owner Fancy Varden plans to start her cattle empire with are infected with anthrax, and the disease is spreading from the cattle to the cowhands.
plays Fancy Varden?

  1. Jean Willes
  2. Jean Arthur
  3. Jean Morgan

5) While at a medical convention, Dr. Baxter is framed for murder when a man whom he treated for a routine leg injury dies mysteriously. 
This is the plot for what episode?

  1. San Francisco Story
  2. Double Boomerang
  3. The Desperate Game

6) Two Eastern crooks try to run an insurance scam to victimize the owner of a valuable racehorse and fix a major horse race.  The episode is Mystery of the Black Stallion.

  • True or False?

7) The episode Trouble in Paradise Valley: Dr. Baxter tries to help a young man who, when faced with an eviction notice and his mother's mounting medical bills, goes on a criminal rampage.
Who played Sally Matthews?

  1. Jean Willes
  2. Jean Arthur
  3. Jean Howell

8) The Homesteaders is an episode about a young ranch hand who tries to protect his girlfriend and her family of immigrant homesteaders from the attacks of his cowboy friends who want to keep the range open to run their cattle. In this episode Alan Dinehart III plays Lonny Davis.

  • True or False?

9) Gringo Pete is an episode about an outlaw leader suffering from a fatal heart disease that convinces the territorial governor that he will cooperate with the law to round up his former outlaw gang. Once paroled, he resumes command of his henchman and rustles horses badly need as U.S. Cavalry remounts. Dr. Baxter, who treated the outlaw in prison, devises a plan to recapture the double-crossing criminal.
Who played Gringo Pete?

  1. Don Oreck
  2. John Zaremba
  3. John Verros

10) In the episode Flaming Gold: Returning from a medical convention, Dr. Baxter stops off in an oil-boom town to visit and old patient, but discovers that the lawyer had suddenly died while arguing a case in court. Baxter becomes convinced that the oil companies who were the defendants in the suit murdered the lawyer to force his inexperienced junior partner to handle the case alone.
Who played the waitress in Richville?

  1. Abbey Mann
  2. Jean Hellman
  3. Gloria Winters

Frontier Doctor

1) True  2) False.  Frontier Doctor ran 30 minutes. 3) B.  4) A.  5) A.  6) True  7) C. 8) True  9) A.  10) C.

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