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Boots and Saddles

What do you know about Boots and Saddles?
Take this quick FUN TV Westerns quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) The story is about a cavalry regiment stationed at Fort Lowell, Arizona Territory in the 1870s.
What was the regiment?Western Movies Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE.

  1. Third Cavalry

  2. Fifth Cavalry

  3. Ninth Cavalry

2) Who was NOT in the cast?

  1. Chill Wills

  2. Michael Hinn

  3. Gardner McKay

3) When did the first episode air?

  1. September 19, 1957

  2. October 3, 1957

  3. October 24, 1957

4) The Kanab western fort set used on the series was also seen in the opening credits of TV's "Branded" (1965).  It was featured extensively in Duel at Diablo (1966).

  • True or False?

5) What was the episode were an unscrupulous gunrunner sells new repeating rifles to the Apaches, resulting in the troops at Fort Lowell being outgunned and placing the entire frontier in danger?

  1. The Repeater Rifle

  2. The Captures Gun

  3. Apache Rifles

6) Who played Capt. Shank Adams?

  1. John Pickard

  2. Wade Prentice

  3. John Young

7) Trooper Grimes, a troublemaker who Capt. Adams never had any use for, is caught deliberately giving an Apache prisoner bad water.  The incident confirms Adams' decision to get rid of Grimes, but Grimes doesn't see it that way.
Who played Trooper Grimes in the episode, The Deserter?

  1. Paul Picerni

  2. Earl Parker

  3. Al Wyatt

8) In episode, Terror at Fort Lowell, Pvt. Swanson is depressed, discouraged and tired of the constant fighting.  His weariness, bordering on battle fatigue, results in his taking out his frustrations on the fort's Indian scout.
Who played Pvt. Swanson?

  1. House Peters Jr.

  2. Richard Devon

  3. Robert Knapp

9) Who played Slocum in the episode The Strange Death of Trooper Jones ?

  1. Malcolm Rose

  2. Strother Martin

  3. Buck Taylor

10) When was the last episode: The Captain's Leave originally aired?

  1. May 13, 1958

  2. June 10, 1958

  3. August 15, 1958

Boots and Saddles

1) B.  2) A.  3) A.  4) True  5) A.  6) A.  7) A.  8) C.  9) B.  10) B.

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