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Art Acord

What do you know about Art Acord?
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 38 points!

1) He won the Steer Bulldogging world championship in 1912 and repeated as champion in 1916.
Who did he beat in the championship?Art Acord

  1. Tom Mix

  2. Hoot Gibson

  3. William S. Hart

2) Acord was one of the few cowboys to have ridden the proclaimed bucking horse named Steamboat for the full eight seconds, which later inspired the bucking horse logo on the Wyoming license plate.

  • True or False?

3) In 1910, what was his first film?

  1. On the Warpath

  2. A Soldier's Honor

  3. Pride of the Range

4) The Two Brothers is a 1910 short (17 min.) Western film directed by D. W. Griffith.
Who was NOT a member of the cast with Acord?

  1. Hoot Gibson

  2. Mary Pickford

  3. Mildred A. Hill

5) What was his horse's name?

  1. Raven

  2. Trigger

  3. Champion

6) The Squaw Man (1914) was the first feature-length movie made specifically in Hollywood (although not the first to be made in the Los Angeles area). The movie stars Dustin Farnum. Art Acord plays a townsman (uncredited).
Who played the Faro Dealer (uncredited)?

  1. Cecil B. DeMille

  2. Winifred Kingston

  3. Hal Roach

7) What is the first film he played Buck Parvin?

  1. Buck's Lady Friend

  2. Buck Parvin in the Movies

  3. Man-Afraid-of-His-Wardrobe

8) Acord enlisted in the United States Army in World War I and served overseas. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre for bravery.

  • True or False?

9) The Moon Riders is a 1920 Western film serial directed by B. Reeves Eason and Theodore Wharton.  The movie stars Art Acord and Mildred Moore.
What is the name of Accord’s character?

  1. Arizona Baldwin

  2. Homer Gant

  3. Buck Ravelle

10) The White Horseman is a 1921 Western film serial directed by Albert Russell.  It stars Acord and Eva Forrestor.
How many episodes made up the serial?

  1. 14 episodes

  2. 16 episodes

  3. 18 episodes

11) In the Days of Buffalo Bill is a 1922 Western film serial directed by Edward Laemmle.  The film stars Art Acord and Duke R. Lee.  Acord plays Buffalo Bill Cody.

  • True or False?

12) In 1923, Acord stars in this Western film serial directed by Edward Laemmle. The film is considered to be lost.
What was the film?

  1. Home Again

  2. The Oregon Trail

  3. Range Riders

13) In 1926, Acord plays “Arizona“ Allen.
What was the film?

  1. Unmasked

  2. Western Pluck

  3. Time to Dodge

14) What was the 1928 Western film that Acord plays Two-Gun O'Brien?

  1. His Last Battle

  2. Two-Gun O'Brien

  3. Spurs and Saddles

15) Marshal Bill Strong sees Red and his gang rob Jake Grant and make him a prisoner. So he arrives posing as a dude to get into the gang. When Jake's daughter arrives he gets Red to let him take her to a cabin where Red can visit her later. Then he frees Jake, sends the gang after him knowing the Sheriff will get them, and goes after Red himself.
What is the name of this 1929 Western?

  1. The Arizona Kid

  2. Santa Fe

  3. Tombstone

16) Playing Art Dobson, Acord in uncredited in what 1930 film?

  1. Trailin' Trouble

  2. Texas Strongman

  3. Arizona Wrangler

17) In Trailin' Trouble (1930), Acord plays in his first sound picture and last film.  He plays Art Dobson in an uncredited role.
Who was the movie’s star?

  1. Tom Mix

  2. Hoot Gibson

  3. John Wayne

18) Art Acord died in Chihuahua, Mexico from cyanide poisoning and complications related to hepatitis. Official Mexican records called it a suicide, but some of Acord's friends over the years insisted that he had been murdered by a Mexican politician who had caught Acord having an affair with his wife.

  • True or False?

19) Where is Art Acord buried?

  1. Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, Tennessee

  2. Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, California

  3. Faneuil Hall Cemetery, Boston, Massachusetts

Art Acord
[Answers]Angels on your pillow

1) B.  2) True  3) C.  4) C.  5) A.  6) A.  7) C.  8) True  9) C.  10) C.  11) False. Duke R. Lee plays Cody.  12) B.  13) B.  14) B.  15) A. 16) A.  17) B 18) True 19) B. Plot: Vale of Memory, L-2608.

Score for this page: _______

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