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Glenn Ford

Born: May 1, 1916, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
August 30, 2006 (90), Beverly Hills, California

Glenn Ford (Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford) was an acclaimed Canadian-born American actor from Hollywood's Golden Era with a career that spanned seven decades. Ford was a versatile actor best known for playing either cowboys or ordinary men in unusual circumstances. 

What do you know about Glenn Ford? Try this quick quiz.

1. In his first major role, he plays a New York store clerk who joins a hobo (Richard Conte) and an illegal immigrant (Jean Rogers) heading for his newly bought land in Arizona. What was the movie?

  • When They Come Home
  • Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence
  • The Fighting Marines

2. In the Western Texas (1941), who is NOT one of the stars?

  • Randolph Scott
  • Glenn Ford
  • William Holden

3. In Comedy/Western, Go West, Young Lady (1941) the western town of Headstone is being besieged by the outlaw Killer Pete and his gang. Arriving on the same stagecoach are the new Sheriff (Glenn Ford) and easterner Belinda Pendergast, known as Bill. The new Sheriff is unable to catch Pete and Pete now sends him and the posse out of town where Indians wait in ambush while he and his men ride into town for a big raid. Bill, however, learns who Pete really is and has the townswomen ready to surprise them when they arrive. Who plays Belinda �Bill� Pendergast?

  • Penny Singleton
  • Ann Miller
  • Betty Grable

4. In 1942, Ford's film career was interrupted when he volunteered for duty in World War II on December 13 as a photographic specialist at the rank of Sergeant. He was a member of what military service?

  • Army Air Force
  • Army
  • Marines

5. The Fastest Gun Alive is a 1956 western film starring Glenn Ford, Jeanne Crain and Broderick Crawford. It is about a notorious gunslinger George Kelby Jr. (Glenn Ford) and his wife Dora (Jeanne Crain) settle down in a peaceful little town under assumed identities to avoid having to continually face men out to become famous for shooting down the "fastest gun alive". George becomes a mild-mannered tea-totaling shopkeeper little respected by the other townsfolk.

  • True or False?

6. 3:10 to Yuma is a 1957 western film starring Glenn Ford and Van Heflin and directed by Delmer Daves. The film was based on the short story by Elmore Leonard. Who signs the title song?

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Frankie Laine
  • Dean Martin

7. Cowboy is a 1958 western film and an adaptation of the Frank Harris semi-autobiographical novel My Reminiscences as a Cowboy. Glenn Ford plays cowboy Tom Reece. Who play Frank Harris, a Chicago hotel clerk, who dreams of being a cowboy?

  • Brian Donlevy
  • Dick York
  • Jack Lemmon

8. Cimarron is a 1960 western film based on the Edna Ferber novel Cimarron, featuring Glenn Ford. What is character�s name?

  • Wes Jennings
  • Yancey Cravat
  • Judge Neal Hefner

9. Ford stars in a modern-day Western/crime drama which aired on CBS during the 1971-72 television season. There were 24 episodes. What was the show�s name?

  • Tombstone Territory
  • Cade�s County
  • Life in the Southwest

10. In Superman (1978), who does Glenn Ford play?

  • Jonathan Kent
  • Lex Luthor
  • Perry White

Where is Glenn Ford buried?


Glenn Ford [Answers]

  1. Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence
  2. Randolph Scott
  3. Penny Singleton
  4. Marines
  5. True
  6. Frankie Laine
  7. Jack Lemmon
  8. Yancey Cravat
  9. Cade's County
  10. Jonathan Kent

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