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Johnny Mack Brown

What do you know about Johnny Mack Brown?
Enjoy this FUN Western Trivia quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Film and TV Westerns1. Playing the halfback position on his university's football team, Brown helped his team to become the 1926 NCAA Division I-A national football champions. What university did he attended?

  • UCLA
  • USC
  • Alabama

2. As an All-American college football player, he was pictured on Wheaties cereal boxes.

  • True or False?

3. What was the first film he had a bit part and is uncredited?

  • The Bugle Call (1927)
  • The Divine Woman (1928)
  • Annapolis (1928)

4. The movie Billy the Kid made in 1930 by director King Vidor stars Johnny Mack Brown as Billy the Kid. Film on location in Lincoln County, New Mexico, Brown is reported to have used historical guns. Who's gun did he use?

  • Pat Garrett
  • Billy the Kid
  • Chuck Chisholm

5. Because of the moderate success, MGM allows Brown to leave the studio and they decide to build the career of another actor. Who is this MGM actor?

  • John Wayne
  • Clark Gable
  • Joel McCrea

6. In the 1934 film by Paramount Belle of the Nineties. Johnny Mack Brown did not have the lead. Who is the main star in this film?

  • Cecilia Parker
  • Irene Bentley
  • Mae West

7. In 1942, he played Alabama Brewster in Ride 'Em Cowboy.  The leads were Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.

  • True or False?

8. In 1943, he appears in a trio Western with Bob Steele. What is the series title?

  • Rough Riders
  • Rangers from Texas
  • The Crimson Tide

9. In 1952, the 48 year-old-actor retires from films. What is his last as the lead actor?

  • Requiem for a Gunfighter
  • The Marshal's Daughter
  • Canyon Ambush

10. His last film is Apache Uprising (1966).  He plays a small part as Sheriff Ben Hall. Who was the lead actor?

  • Audie Murphy
  • DeForest Kelley
  • Rory Calhoun

9. What was the cause of Brown's death?

  • Heart failure
  • Lung cancer
  • Prostrate cancer

10. Where is Johnny Mack Brown buried?

  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, California
  • Holy Trinity Cemetery, Dothan, Alabama,
  • Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery, Westwood, California

Johnny Mack Brown [Answers]

  1. Alabama
  2. True
  3. The Bugle Call (1927
  4. Billy the Kid
  5. Clark Gable
  6. Mae West
  7. True
  8. Rough Riders
  9. Canyon Ambush
  10. Rory Calhoun
  11. Heart failure
  12. Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, California

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