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Bill Elliott

What do you know about Bill Elliott? Enjoy this FUN Western Trivia quiz. "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Film and TV Westerns1. Born on October 16, 1903 in Pattonsburg, Missouri. What is his birth name?

  • William Elliott
  • Gordon Elliott
  • Gordon Nance

2. In 1927, he had made his first Western, The Arizona Wildcat, and in it, played his first featured role.

  • True or False?

3. In 1938, Columbia Pictures gives Elliott the lead in a chapter serial. It would be a successful serial and the real beginning of Elliott's career in the saddle. What is this 1938 film?

  • Gold I Where You Find It
  • Gun Law
  • The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

4. In Early Arizona was a film that makes Elliott the complement to Charles Starrett. Instead of being Gordon Elliott, he becomes?

  • Wyatt Earp
  • Wild Bill Elliott
  • Bill Elliott

5. In 1943, Elliott goes to Republic and stars in his first Republic film. What is the title?

  • Border Patrol
  • Colt Comrades
  • Calling Wild Bill Elliott

6. In 1943, Republic Pictures cast him in a series of Westerns. Who plays his sidekick?

  • George 'Gabby' Hayes.
  • Dub 'Cannonball' Taylor
  • Buddy Ebsen

7. In 1946, Republic allows Elliott to move from B Westerns to their A list.  The Plainsman and the Lady with Elliott wanting to set up Pony Express.  Actress Vera Ralston plays the heroine. Who was she married too?

  • Bill Elliott
  • Joseph Kane, movies Joseph Kane
  • Herbert Yates, Republic Pictures head

8. During the making of his Red Ryder series his horse was called Lighting.

  • True or False?

9. Pitchman for Viceroy cigarettes during the detective series "The Lineup" (1954).

  • True or False?

10. The first of the five films where Bill Elliott played a detective lieutenant in the L.A Sheriff's department, Dial Red "O" (the correct title with the number 0 (zero), as on a telephone dial, shown in "). What character does he play?

  • Det. Lt. Andy Flynn
  • Sgt. Tony Columbo
  • Major Ralph Wyatt

11. What did Elliott die from?

  • Heart disease
  • Lung cancer
  • Natural causes

12. Where is Wild Bill Elliott buried?

  • Palm Desert Memorial, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
  • Saint Helenas Episcopal Churchyard, Beaufort, South Carolina

Bill Elliott [Answers]

  1. Gordon Nance
  2. True
  3. The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
  4. Bill Elliott
  5. Calling Wild Bill Elliott
  6. George 'Gabby' Hayes
  7. Herbert Yates, Republic Pictures head
  8. False. The horse was called Thunder.
  9. True
  10. Det. Lt. Andy Flynn
  11. Lung cancer
  12. Palm Desert Memorial, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Plot: Eternity Mausoleum, Row E, Niche 2011

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