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Santa Fe Green Chile Steak

Cowboy Cooking Recipes from AlansKitchen.comMakes 4 servings


  • Sauce

    • 2 - Tablespoon olive oil

    • 1 - medium onion, finely chopped

    • 2 - cans chopped green chiles, (4 oz.), drained

    • 1/4 - teaspoon dried Mexico oregano

    • 1/2 - teaspoon cilantro

    • 1/4 - teaspoon ground pepper

    • 1 - teaspoon Chipotle sauce

  • 4 - large mushrooms, thinly sliced

  • 4 - Tablespoon butter

  • 4 - (about 8 oz. each) sirloin beef steaks (also 2 16 oz. steaks are fine, just cut in half)

  • 1/4 - teaspoon Kosher salt


  1. Heat sauté pan with a medium heat. Add oil and sauté onion in until clear. It should only take about 5 minutes. Now add in the green chiles, oregano, cilantro, pepper, and Chipotle sauce.

  2. You want to reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes. You will want the sauce kept warm. For a picnic, place in a thermal container.  For the home, keep warm under a 200° F oven.

  3. In a sauté pan with a medium heat, add butter and melt.  Now add the mushrooms and sauté until soft. This again should take you 5 minutes.

Prepare grill to a medium heat.

  1. Place steaks on oil grill grid and cook for 15-20 minutes. This is about medium doneness.

  2. Turn steaks only once or about 8 to 10 minutes on each side. When you finish cooking the steaks, place them on a platter. Sprinkle with salt.

  3. Now add your chile sauce and top with the sautéed mushrooms.

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Cowboy Did You Know
The arrival of English-speaking settlers in Texas began in 1821, while California did not see a large influx of settlers from the United States until after the Mexican-American War. However, in slightly different ways, both areas contributed to the evolution of the iconic American cowboy.  Particularly with the arrival of railroads, and an increased demand for beef in the wake of the Civil War, older traditions combined with the need to drive cattle from the ranches where they were raised to the nearest railheads, often hundreds of miles away.


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