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To the Last Man (1923)

What do you know about To the Last Man? Try this Alan's FUN Western Films Trivia quiz.  "Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Film and TV Westerns1) The film is released on September 23, 1923. Who wrote the novel the movie is based on.

  • Leland Sanders
  • Max Brand
  • Zane Grey

2) Who directs the film?

  • John Ford
  • Rudolph Zane
  • Victor Fleming

3) What is the film's runtime:

  • 60 min.
  • 70 min.
  • 90 min.

4) Where is the movie filmed?

  • Arizona
  • Hollywood
  • Texas

5) Who writes the screenplay for the film?

  • Doris Schroeder
  • Max Schumwalter
  • Ernie Adair

6) Who plays Jean Isbel?

  • Richard Dix
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Ira Hayes

7) Lois Wilson plays Ellen Jorth.

  • True or False?

8) Who is the production company?

  • Paramount Pictures
  • Universal Pictures
  • 21st Century/Fox

9) Who plays Colter in this version of the film?

  • Noah Beery
  • James Garner
  • Mickey Braddock

10) Who plays Gaston Isbel?

  • Frank Campeau
  • Fred Huntley
  • Robert Edeson


To the Last Man (1923)

  1. Zane Grey
  2. Victor Fleming
  3. 70 min.
  4. Arizona
  5. Doris Schroeder
  6. Richard Dix
  7. True
  8. 21st Century/Fox
  9. Noah Beery
  10. Robert Edeson

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