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Hollywood The End Trivia
Hollywood The End Trivia


For a Few Dollars More

Choose an answer from the three choices and True or False offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Western Movies Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE.1. For a Few Dollars More (Italian: Per qualche dollaro in pi�) is a 1965 spaghetti western film directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood. Who was NOT one of the main stars?

  • Lee Van Cleef
  • Gian Maria Volonte
  • Eli Wallach

2. Who played Colonel Douglas Mortimer?

  • Clint Eastwood
  • Lee Van Cleef
  • Klaus Kinski

3. �El Indio� is one of the most wanted fugitives in the western territories. What was the bank he intended to rob?

  • Bank of Tucumcari
  • Cavanaugh Bank
  • Bank of El Paso

4. Van Cleef's character has a personal motive for his actions: his sister, as revealed at the film's end, killed herself while being raped by Indio, after he killed her husband moments before.

  • True or False?

5. What was the first movie Lee Van Cleef?

  • High and Mighty
  • Mr. Roberts
  • High Noon

6. Van Cleef lost the tip of his middle finger on his right hand while building a playhouse for his daughter.

  • True or False?

7. Indio smokes what appears to be _________ to ease the intensity of the memory. Fill in the blank.

  • Tea leaves
  • Tobacco
  • Cannabis

8. The film was shot in Monument Valley, Utah with interiors done at Hollywood's Burbank Studios.

  • True or False?

9. In the United States, who distributed the film?

  • MGM
  • United Artist
  • Warner Brothers

10. What German actor played the minor villian role of Wild?

  • Roman Polanski
  • Peter Becker
  • Klaus Kinski

For a Few Dollars More

  • 1. Eli Wallach
  • 2. Lee Van Cleef
  • 3. Bank of El Paso
  • 4. True
  • 5. High Noon
  • 6. True
  • 7. Cannabis
  • 8. False. The film was shot in Almeria, Spain, with interiors done at Rome's Cinecitta Studios.
  • 9. United Artist
  • 10. Klaus Kinski

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