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Cat Ballou

What do you know about the Western Cat Ballou?
Saddle up to this Western Films Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page.

1) Who directed the movie?Film and TV Westerns

  1. Henry Fonda

  2. Elliot Silverstein

  3. Robert Altman

2) The movie is based on a novel that was originally a serious Western, but was turned into a comedy for the movie.
Who wrote the novel?

  1. Roy Chanslor

  2. Louis L'Amoure

  3. Zane Grey

3) What character did Lee Marvin NOT play in the movie?

  1. Kid Shelleen

  2. Tim Strawn

  3. Sheriff Maledon

4) Nat "King" Cole and Stubby Kaye, billed onscreen simply as "Shouters", intermittently narrate the story through verses of the Ballad of Cat Ballou.

  • True or False?

5) Jane Fonda played Catherine Ballou, an aspiring schoolteacher, is traveling by train to Wolf City, Wyoming, to visit her rancher father, Frankie Ballou. She reaches the ranch to find that the Wolf City Development Corporation is trying to take the ranch away from her father.
Who played her father?

  1. John Marley

  2. Ken Curtis

  3. James Garner

6) Who was first choice for the title role but turned it down?

  1. Ann-Margret

  2. Jane Fonda

  3. Shirley Temple Black

7) Who turned down the role played by Lee Marvin?

  1. Kirk Douglas

  2. James Garner

  3. Audie Murphy

8) After a drunken Kid Sheleen shoots at a target on the barn, Clay Boone says "He did it!  He missed the barn!"
Who played Clay Boone?

  1. Dwayne Hickman

  2. Bruce Cabot

  3. Michael Callan

9) When was the film released?

  1. June 24, 1965

  2. July 24, 1965

  3. August 24, 1965

10) Cat poses as a prostitute and confronts town boss Sir Harry Percival, owner of the Wolf City Development Corporation. A struggle ensues; Sir Harry is killed; and Cat is sentenced to be hanged on the gallows. Just after the noose is placed around her neck, Uncle Jed (again as a fake preacher) cuts the rope as she falls through the trapdoor. Her gang then spirits her away in a daring rescue.
Who played Uncle Jed?

  1. Dwayne Hickman

  2. Warren Beatty

  3. Bob Denver

Cat Ballou [Answers]

1) B. 2) A. 3) C. 4) True 5) A. 6) A. 7) A. 8) C. 9) A. 10) A.

Score for this page: _______

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