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High Noon (1952)

What do you know about the Western High Noon?
Saddle up to this Western Films Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page.

1) Will Kane (Gary Cooper), the longtime Marshal of Hadleyville, New Mexico Territory, has just married pacifist Quaker Amy (Grace Kelly), turns in his badge, and is preparing to move away to become a storekeeper.High Noon poster

  • True or False?

2) Soon after the wedding, the town learns that Frank Miller, a criminal Kane brought to justice, is due to arrive on the noon train. 
Who plays Frank Miller?

  1. Ron McDonald

  2. Burt Peppers

  3. Ian MacDonald

3) Frank Miller's three gang members wait for him at the station.  However, the worried townspeople encourage Kane to leave, hoping to defuse the situation.  Kane and his wife leave, but Kane has a crisis of conscience and turns back.  He reclaims his badge and tries to swear in help, but it becomes clear that no one is willing to get involved. His deputy, Harvey Pell, resigns. 
Who plays the deputy?

  1. Mark Reynolds

  2. Lloyd Bridges

  3. Conner Jackson

4) Only Kane's former lover, Helen Ramirez, supports him, but there is little she can do to help.  Disgusted, she sells her business and prepares to leave town. 
Who plays Helen Ramirez?

  1. Katherine Harris

  2. Katy Jurado

  3. Betty Lopez

5) Who does NOT play one of Frank Miller's men?

  1. Lee Van Cleef

  2. Sheb Wooley

  3. Eli Wallach

6) Who plays Mayor Jonas Henderson?

  1. Thomas Mitchell

  2. Abe Johnson

  3. Marv Eastman

7) "Do Not Forsake Me, Oh, My Darlin'" is the first Oscar-winning song from a non-musical film.

  • True or False?

8) Who plays Charlie - Drunk in Jail in an uncredited role?

  1. Ted Arajo

  2. Jack Elam

  3. Chuck Connors

9) Who says, "This is just a dirty little village in the middle of nowhere.  Nothing that happens here is really important"?

  1. Will Kane

  2. Judge Percy Mettrick

  3. Dr. Mahin - Minister

10) Who sings the theme song to the movie?

  1. Frankie Lane

  2. Tex Ritter

  3. Gene Autry

High Noon

1) True 2) C. 3) B. 4) B. 5) C. 6) A. 7) True 8) B. 9) B. 10) B.

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