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Regional Cuisine

Given the United States' large size it has numerous regional variations. The United States' regional cuisine is characterized by its extreme diversity and style with each region having its own distinctive cuisine.

New England clam chowderNew England
See: Cuisine of New England
New England is a northeastern region of the United States, including the six states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  The American Indians cuisine became part of the cookery style that the early colonists brought with them.

The style of New England cookery originated from its colonial roots, that is to say practical, frugal and willing to eat anything other than what they were used to from their British roots.  Much of the cuisine started with one-pot cookery, which resulted in such dishes as succotash, chowder, baked beans, and others.

Lobster is an integral ingredient to the cuisine, indigenous to the shores of the region. Other shellfish of the coastal regions include little neck clams, sea scallops, blue mussels, oysters, soft shell clams and razor shell clams.  Much of this shellfish contributes to New England tradition, the clambake.  The clambake as known today is a colonial interpretation of an American Indian tradition.

The fruits of the region include the Vitis labrusca grapes used in grape juice made by companies such as Welch's, along with jelly, Kosher wine by companies like Mogen David and Manischewitz along with other wineries that make higher quality wines. Apples from New England include the original varieties, Baldwin, Lady, Mother, Pomme Grise, Porter, Roxbury Russet, Wright, Sops of Wine, Peck's Pleasant, Titus Pippin, Westfield-Seek-No-Further, and Duchess of Oldenburg. Cranberries are another fruit indigenous to the region.

See Cuisine of the Midwestern United States
Midwestern cuisine covers everything from barbeque to the Chicago-style hot dog.

The American South
See Cuisine of the Southern United States
Grits and gumbo are an integral part of the southern cuisine

Cuisine in the West
See Cuisine of the Western United States
Cooking in the American West includes the fast food hamburger and the San Francisco burrito.

American Southwestern Cuisine
See Cuisine of the Southwestern United States
Southwestern food draws influences from Mexican cooking including tex-mex and the burrito.

Common dishes found on a regional level
See: List of American regional and fusion cuisines

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