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Deep-Fried Pizza

Deep-Fried PizzaDeep-fried pizza is a dish available in many chip shops in Scotland.  It originated in the late 1970s and typically consists of the cheapest of cash and carry pizzas, though a choice of "toppings" is often available, usually plain (cheese and tomato), mushroom or onion.  Served as a "Pizza Supper" (with chips) or single (without chips) in whole and half pizza portions. A common accompanying beverage is Irn-Bru, a carbonated soft drink.

Whole pizzas can be served cut in half with chips in the middle, creating a pizza and chip "sandwich".

In the south-east of Scotland they can be served with "Salt and Sauce"ówith the pizza smothered in brown sauce before being folded in half. In the west they are generally served with "salt n vinegar and brown sauce" which is self explanatory. Most chippies will not fold the pizza in the west. They may put the pizza on top of chips before wrapping in paper but they will serve the meal in a pizza box on request.

This pizza is deep fried without batter, although another variation known as a "Pizza Crunch" consists of a large, battered slice of pizza deep fried, usually served with chips. However in Fife it is quite common for the whole pizza to be fried in batter.

In Italy, there are two local versions of deep fried pizza. The most elaborated recipe consists of two layers of pizza dough sealed one on top of the other with a filling of tomato, cheese, meats and other ingredients in the middle. The simplest, but most popular nationwide, recipe consists of a plain disc of pizza dough taken and deep-fried without any topping, and flavoured with salt (or sugar) after it's cooked. This recipe has received many names across the county (pizzarella in Rome, avvoltolo in Perugia, ciaccia in Arezzo, gnocco fritto in Bologna, torta fritta in Parma and so on).

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