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Marinade, Rub, and Sauce Recipes

Barbecuing Basics

Nothing will give your grilled meal more flavor than a helping hand from a sauce, marinade, or rub. Barbecue & Grilling Recipes from

  • Most barbecue sauces contain sugar, which easily burns, so do not sauce your prized meal until the last 10 to 20 minutes of grilling time.

  • To tenderize, a marinade must contain an acidic ingredient such as fruit or vegetable juice, yogurt, wine, or vinegar.

  • Dry rubs are a blend of herbs and spices. Rubs with a little oil or other liquid are called pastes or "wet rubs."

Marinade Recipes

When you are looking for that special marinade or rub to put on your favorite beef, chicken, fish, fowl, or pork?  Look at these recipes and enjoy.

  1. Peppery Soy and Cilantro Marinade

  2. Cajun-Style Marinade

Rub Recipes

  1. Peppercorn and Herb Rub

  2. Savage Mountain Barbecue Rub

  3. Coriander and Peppercorn Rub

  4. Lemon-Herb Rub

  5. Lone Star Brisket Rub

  6. Paprika and Chili Powder Dry Rub

  7. Peppercorn & Herb Rub

  8. Peppery Soy & Cilantro Marinade

  9. Zesty Southwestern Marinade

Sauce Recipes

  1. Asian Sauce

  2. Basic Ketchup Barbecue Sauce

  3. Basic Lone Star Beer Mop

  4. Georgia Honey-Ginger Peach Sauce

  5. Habanera TABASCO BarBQ Wing Sauce

  6. Herb-Butter Sauce

  7. Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

  8. Jack Daniel's Grilling Sauce

  9. Kansas City Tangy Barbecue Sauce

  10. Mid-Western Barbecue Sauce

  11. OLD BAY All American Barbecue Sauce

  12. Robust Barbecue Sauce

  13. Southern Style Grilling Sauce

  14. Sweet BBQ Chili Sauce

  15. Sweet and Sour Sauce

  16. Yogurt - Cucumber Lamb Sauce

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