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BarBQ and Grilling Tips

The Griller's Best Friend

The three most important tools you can have at the grill are a timer, a thermometer and good pair of tongs.

The Long and Short of It

Use long handled tools at the grill to keep your hands and arms a safe distance from the heat source.

Look Ma, No Lighter Fluid!

Say farewell to lighter fluid with a charcoal chimney — a handy little device that uses just a couple of sheets of newspaper or Fire-Starters to light the coals. Try it and you will be grilling in no time.

Grill-Side Essential

An instant-read meat thermometer is the surest way to tell when done is about to become overdone. Invest in a good one and keep it close at hand.

Perfect Kabobs

Use double-pronged skewers to keep the tasty tidbits on your kabobs secure and easy to turn.

Cleaning Essentials

Keep these items on hand for your regular grill cleaning: 1) a grill brush, 2) fine steel wool pads, 3) mild dish soap, 4) sponge, 5) a 1-inch putty knife, and 6) fitted catch pan liners for gas grills.

Do the Burn Off

To clean the porcelain grates on your gas grill, before grilling turn all burners to High until the smoke stops, then brush the grates with a brass brush.

Closing Up the Kettle

After grilling, cover the grill and close the vents. Once the coals have died out, brush the cooking grate with a brass brush. Remove cold ashes from the ash catcher. That’s it. You're set for your next barbecue!

Don't Forget to Brush

Your gas grill will perform best if you regularly brush down your grill and burners, and clean the bottom of the cook-box and the drip tray.

Fill 'er Up

Having a big backyard bash? Do not forget to check your supply of liquid propane or charcoal. Running out would put a damper on the fun.

Rely On M-O-M

Use the Indirect Method (burners turned to Medium-Off-Medium) to grill foods that will take longer than 25 minutes to cook.

Keep a Lid On It

Every time you open the grill, heat escapes and lengthens your cooking time. Open the lid during grilling only to turn, baste, or sauce.

Keep the Vents Open

For adequate airflow into your charcoal grill, keep the vents fully open while you are grilling.

Is It Done Yet?

Poultry is done when the juices run clear and the internal temperature reads 170º F in the breast or 180º F in the thigh.

Give It a Rest

Steak benefits from resting for several minutes after you remove it from the grill. It allows those delicious juices that were driven to the surface by heat to ease back to the center.

Know Your Kosher Salt

Kosher Salt is particularly well suited for the grill because its big flakes add more flavor to the surface of the food. If you substitute table salt, reduce the quantity by one-third.

Be Direct When You Must

Use the Direct Method for foods that require less than 25 minutes to cook, like boneless chicken breasts and pork chops.

Righteous Ribs

There is no need to parboil ribs before grilling. It just boils away the flavor! But do remove the silverskin on the underside of the ribs and try a rib rack, the ribs will baste in their own juices and be that more delicious.

Aw, Shucks!

Place corn, husks on, in a gallon of cold water mixed with a cup of sugar. Soak for an hour, remove from the water, and give each ear a good shake. Grill over Direct Heat for 25 to 30 minutes, turning occasionally.

Go Easy On Those Burgers

For the best burgers, only lightly shape the patties and resist pressing down on them with the spatula — it drives the juices out.

Chips or Chunks?

To smoke cook faster cooking foods like steaks, chops, or chicken breasts, use wood chips because they ignite and burn faster. Use wood chunks for slower cooking foods.

Consider It Your Outdoor Oven

Grilling by the Indirect Method is similar to oven-roasting, but with the great grilled texture, flavor, and appearance you can't get from an oven.

Stay in Control

Many gas grills have multiple burners so you can control the heat for perfect results every time, especially when you are cooking by the Indirect Method.

Meaningful Insight

The thermometer on many grills allows you to monitor the cooking temperature inside your grill without having to lift the lid.

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