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Grilled Caribbean Style Turkey with Pineapple Marinade
Makes 4 servings.

1/4 - cup soy sauce
1/2 - cup pineapple juice
1/4 - cup cooking sherry
1/4 - cup brown sugar
3/4 - teaspoon garlic, fresh, minced

1 pound white turkey breast tenderloins

  • In a bowl, add soy sauce, pineapple juice, sherry, brown sugar, and garlic. 
  • Mix and pour into a large plastic lockable bag. 
  • Add turkey and place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before cooking.

Indirect Heat Method

  • Open all grill vents. 
  • Spray the unheated top rack with nonstick spray. 
  • Mound 50 to 60 briquettes on bottom of grill. 
  • Light and let burn until ash gray. 
  • Divide coals into two equal parts on the outer edges of the grill. 
  • Place drip pan, with a little water in it, in the center of the coals (cooking is done by the smoky, steamy air). 
  • Reposition rack over hot coals.
  • Place turkey on grill directly over drip pan and place lid on grill. 
  • To maintain heat, add 5 to 9 briquettes to both sides as needed. 
  • Grill over hot coals according to barbecue directions (50-60 minutes).

Picnicking & Tailgating

Place in ice chest.  When the grill is ready, just take them out of the ice chest and grill.


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