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Backyard BBQ & Grilling Menu
Surfin� Barbecued Chicken Tailgate Menu

Our Backyard menu's recipes include: Peanut Butter and Banana Wraps, Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed French Rolls, Surfin� Barbecued Chicken, Mount Wilson Pineapple Yams, Chilled Raspberry Cheesecake, and Pineapple-Lemonade Punch!

Appetizer & Snack Recipes from AlansKitchen.comCold Appetizer
Peanut Butter and Banana Wraps

Ingredients: creamy peanut butter, whole wheat or regular flour tortillas (8 to 10 inches in diameter), honey, small bananas, and miniature semisweet chocolate chips.
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Fruit Salad
Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed French Rolls

Ingredients: Pillsbury� Oven Baked frozen crusty French dinner rolls (from 12.4-ounces bag), honey, strawberry yogurt, baby spinach leaves, sliced strawberries, crumbled blue cheese (4-ounces), coarsely chopped toasted walnuts, butter or margarine, and poppy seed.
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Barbecue & Grilling - Chicken & Turkey
Surfin� Barbecued Chicken

Ingredients: Chicken Marinade: espresso style Kona coffee, Hawaiian pineapple jelly (or apricot), dry sherry, fresh island lime juice, macadamia nut oil (or corn oil), sea salt. Chicken breasts (4 half breasts). Sour Cream Sauce: sour cream, pineapple jelly, fresh cilantro leaves, grated orange zest, and orange wedges and for garnish.
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Side Dish - Potatoes
Mount Wilson Pineapple Yams

Ingredients: butter, brown sugar, light cream, pineapple, mashed cooked yams (or sweet potatoes), milk, salt, and pepper.
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Chilled Raspberry Cheesecake

Ingredients: (about 45 wafers) vanilla wafer crumbs, Hershey�s Cocoa, powdered sugar, butter or margarine, package (10 ounces) frozen raspberries, envelope unflavored gelatin, cold water, 1/2 - cup boiling water, packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, seedless red raspberry preserves, Chocolate Whipped Cream, Fresh raspberries, and Mint leaves (optional).
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Beverage Recipes from AlansKitchen.comPunch
Pineapple-Lemonade Punch

Ingredients: tub CRYSTAL LIGHT� Lemonade Flavor Low Calorie Soft Drink Mix, cold water, can (46-ounces) pineapple juice, grenadine syrup, can (8-1/4 ounces) pineapple chunks in juice, and 8 wooden skewers.
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