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History of the U.S.

Colonial America (1492-1763)

Revolutionary Period (1764-1789)

The New Nation (1790-1828)

Western Expansion & Reform (1829-1859)

Civil War (1860-1865)

Reconstruction (1866-1877)

Gilded Age (1878-1889)

Progressive Era (1890-1913)

Great War & Jazz Age (1914-1928)

Depression & WWII (1929-1945)

Modern Era (1946 - present)

State Histories


The New Nation (1790-1828)

Francis Scott Key standing on boat, with right arm stretched out toward the United States flag flying over Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland.During this time, Americans established their government and two parties emerged--the Federalists and the Republicans. Americans had a lot to deal with during this period. 

They had to struggle with the need to increase taxes to pay for the American Revolution as well as deal with the French Revolution which divided American support between France and Britain. Under President Jefferson, the country expanded westward with the purchase of the Louisiana territory and the Lewis and Clark expedition. 

The War of 1812 against Britain, sometimes called the Second War of American Independence, lasted three years. After the war, a mood of nationalism existed as people focused on events and issues at home. However, troubles were brewing, particularly on the topic of slavery.

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